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GG first started Fight Game Blog specifically as a Mixed Martial Arts blog. But as he sought out writers, he noticed that there was a great crossover between the MMA fan and the pro wrestling fan. And then he looked at the name “fight game”, and immediately thought about boxing too. Thus, Fight Game Blog was born as a multi-tiered platform for writing about all three sports.

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The Writing Team


650_41038782186_3220_nGG was lucky to have been a HBO child growing up. His father made sure to watch all of the big HBO fights and he also was able to watch older fights because of his next door neighbor’s fight collection on VHS. He was well versed in the sweet science at a young age. He turned to pro wrestling in early 1986, catching on during the early Hulkamania years. Though he stayed with it through the years, he has a topsy turvy relationship with pro wrestling, disgusted with what the wrestlers have to go through, but also still amazed at what they can do in the ring. MMA captured his attention in the early 2000s, though he remembers watching an early UFC card in the mid 90s.

Through Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer, he became a MMA lurker, reading all about the struggles that UFC had to go through. And then, after watching Tito Ortiz dismantle Ken Shamrock in 2002, he was starting to turn the corner. In 2005, he was hooked and decided that he enjoyed writing about the happenings in the octagon just as much as he liked watching them.

Favorite Wrestlers/Fighters: Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Eddy Guerrero, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Brock Lesnar, Larry Holmes, Alexis Arguello, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Oscar De La Hoya


IMG_0899Alan got into wrestling at the ripe age of 6 through a combination of snake biting, barber shop window breaking and promos by the Earthquake which terrified him so much that he had no choice but to continue to tune in so he could keep tabs on whether this man was coming to kill him. From there, it was fandom of the likes of Bret Hart, Stone Cold and Mick Foley through the 90s which turned the leisurely pastime into a full on obsession. The obsession grew to ridiculous levels as Alan discovered ECW, the US indies and then the thing that sealed it up tighter than Yokozuna in spandex… Japanese pro wrestling! That was the point of no return and these days Alan can be found either in his house trying to make inroads on his giant pile of DVDs or anywhere from London to Germany to Miami seeing his favourites in action live.

When it comes to MMA, Alan is very much a new era fan, getting on the bandwagon when things started to explode in 2005 and 2006. These days he’ll watch as much as he can but would be lying if he said that the “too many shows” epidemic hasn’t watered down his interest. In addition to his work at the Fight Game Blog, Alan also writes for Fighting Spirit Magazine available at newsstands across Europe and digitally worldwide, and he hosts the Dr. Keith Presents radio show at Wrestling Observer/F4W.

Favorite promotions: Dragon Gate, New Japan, and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
Favorite wrestlers: Shingo Takagi, Daisuke Sekimoto, Kota Ibushi, Prince Devitt (fellow Irishman!), El Generico, Daniel Bryan and Masaaki Mochizuki
Favorite fighters: GSP, Hideo Tokoro, and Yoshihiro Akiyama


fowc2010Known for not beating around the bush and telling it like it is, FGB’s tallest contributor, Duan Greally is a key component to the site. With a degree in Marketing from DIT and a PhD in “Keeping It Real” from The School Of Hard Knocks, Duan often can be found shaking things up with his excellent writing and his ability to rattle cages down at City Hall. The tall man got into wrestling through his love for Dynamite Kid, Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect and Salvatore Sincere and is a traditionalist at heart. Duan actually dabbled in the business himself, and claims to have invented half of Jay Lethal’s moveset. Duan is an expert in MMA predictions and has made alot of money betting against Frank Mir. He loves striking but hates “the roley poley shit”. His main passion these days is boxing, for which he’s an encylopedia of knowledge. Duan’s all time favourite boxers are Marvellous Mark Mero and Bart Gunn and he’s been known to hit like them if you question the Hall Of Fame worthiness of Sting.

Favorite boxers: Carl Froch, Sergio Martinez, Lucas Matthysse, and Carl Frampton
Favorite MMA fighters: Anderson Silva, Junior Dos Santos, Gegard Mousasi, and Martin Kampmann
Favorite wrestlers: Undertaker, John Cena, AJ Styles, and Low Ki

>Big D

317541_10150410520403792_326395218_nEmperor Big D is one of the core members of Fight Game Blog since its inception in 2008. Born on in the city of Habana in the Isle of Cuba, he and his parents arrived in the United States in the mid-80s, right at the start of Vince McMahon’s national expansion, which is why Big D’s age coincides with the number after Wrestlemania (so this year, he is 28 going on 29). But he didn’t get hooked on pro graps until 1989 and has grown and evolved alongside the sport from the cartoony Rock-n-Wrestling era of his childhood, to the more adult Attitude Era and everything after it. Being of hispanic heritage, D grew up a somewhat casual fan of boxing and was privy to some of the most legendary fights of the 1990s in a house full of drunk hispanics wanting blood. D also got into the early UFC PPVs and has loved MMA ever since, but heavily favors the wacky PRIDE promotion.

Big D is currently the founder and creator of SuperfriendsUniverse.com, where he hosts archived episodes of his legendary Superfriends Variety Show as well as his new self-help and motivational psychology podcast – Superfriends vs. The World. In addition to that, there are hordes of other alternative programming on the website for the average male.

Cadillac Don

donCadillac Don makes up origin stories of his nickname. He grew up in The Great White North in Nova Scotia, and once had somebody say to him in school – “Hey, you look just like Leo Burke.” Cadillac Don didn’t know how he looked like Leo Burke, but he figured he would take the comment as a compliment. Later in life he realized the guy had said “Neil Burke”, a thin and gangly teen with glasses. Cadillac Don still likes to think at one point in life he looked like Leo Burke.

The first wrestling he remembers is watching a cage match on video tape with “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka and Don Muraco from 1983. Cadillac Don liked Don Muraco for some strange reason. Muraco won that bloody match as he smartly took a headbutt from Snuka and used the momentum to drive himself through the cage door to the floor. He was quite the hero. Then that dastardly Snuka dragged Muraco back into the cage and did the unthinkable. While Muraco lied there helpless, Snuka climbed to the top, the VERY top of the cage, raised his hands in the “I love you” signal to the fans, and then jumped EIGHTEEN FREAKIN’ FEET in the air to come crashing down on an immobile Don Muraco. Cadillac Don was hooked.

But wait, then he discovered another video tape – this one a double tape of WrestleMania IV. Cadillac Don watched that sucker so many times the video ended up being grainy and the audio dragging. But he also became a huge “Macho Man” Randy Savage fan. Cadillac Don then lived through the Mega Powers, the breakup, and all the way to that evil Hulk Hogan pinning Randy Savage for the title. Of course, Cadillac Don watched that on a scrambled Pay-Per-View, so he could really only hear the match. From there, Cadillac Don grew to dislike the Ultimate Warrior and started following this Bret Hart guy.

Then along came college and Cadillac Don and wrestling grew apart. He missed out on most of the nWo and the, what was it… Attitude Era? He heard about this Steve Austin, and this Rock, and he was intrigued. But it wasn’t until a certain Hell in a Cell match between Mankind and Undertaker that drew Cadillac Don back into the fold. Ever since then, wrestling has become a part of his life, to the point where his wife knows more wrestling trivia than she would care to admit.

Currently, Cadillac Don lives in Sunnyvale, California, and is trying to get through this wrestling slow period while getting caught up on his Walking Dead episodes. He writes short “Twilight Zone”-esque stories, thinking of finally finishing that novel one of these days. He’s also a hockey nut, hoping beyond hope that the Toronto Maple Leafs actually do something one of these years.

Cactus Jim

28391_116733228356853_147693_nCactus Jim was hooked on professional wrestling after being scared to death watching The Sheik carve up a couple jobbers with a metal spike and call out promotion newcomer Randy Savage. His misspent youth involved watching the likes of the Road Warriors, Ric Flair, and Superfly Snuka. When wrestling became too cartoonish for his tastes, he stepped away in favor of professional boxing. Many nights were spent watching smaller shows as well as shelling out large sums of money every few months to watch Mike Tyson destroy all challengers on PPV. As Don King worked diligently to kill boxing, Jim came back to wrestling in time to enjoy The Attitude Era of WWE. Due to the black hole of accessible quality wrestling for the last few years Jim has been in a self-imposed wrestling exile.

In 1993, after seeing UFC 1 on bootlegged VHS, Jim was hooked on what would later become Mixed Martial Arts. With the rise of the Japanese group, Pride Fighting Championships, he became a fan of and follower of the international fight scene. Many transactions were completed on eBay for copies of Japanese MMA and UFC tapes that were not readily available. Although perhaps a bit hypercritical of the current state of MMA, Jim rarely misses a UFC show and regularly watches other organizations including Strikeforce (RIP) and Bellator.

Favorite wrestlers: Road Warriors, Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Randy Savage, and Eddie Guerrero
Favorite promotions: UFC, Pride, and Strikeforce
Favorite MMA fighters: Kazushi Sakuraba, BJ Penn, Jon Jones, Don Frye, and Rory MacDonald

Friends Of FGB

Many other bloggers, writers, and hardcore fans participate with us on FGB. They include:

Jason Hagholm: Jason is often a guest on The Fight Game Podcast. You can find him on Twitter and YouTube.

Heidi Fang: Heidi is a former high school classmate of Garrett’s and now writes for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. You can find her on Twitter @HeidiFang.

John LaRocca: John is the booker for All Pro Wrestling. He’s contributes his UFC picks as well as wrestling columns on the website.

Alex Goff: Alex and GG met thanks to Bryan Alvarez’s F4W Empire Convention. Alex contributes his UFC picks and writes from time to time.