WrestleMania 35 Live Coverage – Ronda Rousey Vs Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch

Check out our WrestleMania 35 live coverage featuring Ronda Rousey Vs Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch in the main event.

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Battleground Live Coverage – Roman Reigns Vs Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose

battleground live coverage

Check out our Battleground live coverage.

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WWE Elimination Chamber Live Coverage – Kevin Owens Vs John Cena

Elimination Chamber live coverage

We have WWE Elimination Chamber live coverage.

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Road To WrestleMania 28 – Week 3

After two fairly strong episodes of Monday Night Raw, the go-home show was part train-wreck. Smackdown was it’s regular engine that could and included a pretty strong hype video for the Rock, who is only two or so weeks away from being live on WWE TV again.

I really like the Randy Orton/Daniel Bryan dynamic, even though it doesn’t look like that’s where we’re headed for at WrestleMania. They worked well together even though the pushed feud still seems to be The Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan. You have to figure that Bryan comes out of the Elimination Chamber this Sunday with the World Title, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Wade Barrett win it considering he did the job in the tag team match to Sheamus on Smackdown.

On the Raw side, it very well looks like Chris Jericho is going to win the Raw chamber so that Punk goes into WrestleMania as the challenger. For whatever reason, on Raw, there were three matches with each chamber participant involved, which meant that there had to be three losers, which is just backwards. They could’ve been more creative instead of having Dolph Ziggler, Miz, and Kofi all look like jobbers who then are in one of the main events at this weekend’s PPV.
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2011 WWE TLC – Alberto Del Rio Vs. The Miz Vs. CM Punk Play By Play

WWE’s year end PPV wasn’t put together very well. John Cena, the top draw isn’t even on the show. Yet, Triple H and Kevin Nash are having a ladder match, in their first match of the feud. This PPV feels like the writers just threw s*it (and I’m not talking about Rosey) against the wall and went with what stuck. That being said, I’m looking forward to Dolph Ziggler against Zack Ryder and Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T. Those matches have been booked fairly well. I don’t really care too much about any of the main events, but the triple threat TLC match should be good nonetheless.

1. Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder

Ziggler was fantastic in this match, just such a great animated heel. The match picked up near the end with some really great near falls. Vickie was throw out of the match for putting Dolph’s foot on the rope to save him. Ziggler hit the Fame Asser for a near fall. Ryder hit a Frankensteiner from the top rope for a near fall. Ziggler ran into the corner for a splash and was hit with knees to the face and then the leg lariat for the pin. Fun match. Zack is the new US champ.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Cody attacked Booker in the back and Booker’s eyes went wide and he was puffing out his cheeks. He’s been taking his vitamins as he looks good.

2. Air Boom vs. Primo and Epico

Evan Bourne’s not getting the slap on the wrist quite yet. Fun tag team match, and very much by the books, except with all of Bourne’s high flying. Kofi hit Primo with the Trouble In Paradise for the pinfall.

Winner: Air Boom

3. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
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Video – John Morrison Blown Up In A Limo

Yes, really. Well, at least according to Zack Ryder’s internet show. It’s pretty funny. Check it out below: