WWE Fastlane Play By Play – Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns Vs Dean Ambrose

Fastlane play by play

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The Raw Rerun (Money In The Bank Go Home Show)

Wyatt Family debuts

Raw was still a convoluted show with the babyfaces all facing each other, but it was more entertaining than it’s been the last two weeks.

The Wyatt family debuts.

They’re here!

After the great videos hyping them, their debut into WWE was a bit underwhelming, though I wouldn’t say it was a disappointment. After Kane beat Christian in a weird match of faces wrestling each other (in which they did because they’re in the same ladder match on Sunday), the Wyatt’s entrance video played and they came out and beat bumps on Kane.

(Supposedly, Kane may be held out of the Money In The Bank match on Sunday to sell the beating.)

Bray watched the beat down in a rocking chair while the crowd chanted Husky Harris at him. Crowds can be dicks sometimes.

I thought they should’ve made a bigger impact, though it’s week one on the go home show. Maybe they’ll show their true impact next week. Continue reading