Top Five – Seth Rollins’ Injury Means A Reshuffling At The Top

Seth Rollins' Injury

What were the top stories last week?

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Hall Of Fame – Sting Or Edge?


A few weeks ago, Dave Meltzer released the 2012 class of the Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame. It’s voted on by historians, current wrestlers, former wrestlers, and reporters.

From Meltzer’s Hall Of Fame issue:

Six men make up the 2012 class of the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame: Mick McManus, the best known U.K. wrestler for more than two decades; Dr. Alfonso Morales, the television voice of wrestling and boxing in Mexico; John Cena, today’s biggest star; Hans Schmidt, one of the top heels of the 1950s; Captain Lou Albano, WWWF’s top manager from the 70s and early 80s; and Gus Sonnenberg, a football superstar turned wrestling attraction.

Outside of John Cena, and to an extent, Captain Lou Albano, the FGB crew didn’t really have an opinion on the rest of the class. We just didn’t see their work.

However, there were two wrestlers whose work we’ve seen that are not yet in the Hall of Fame (and may never get in by the way). Those two guys are Sting and Edge. Personally, I’ve seen just about all of Sting’s career, save for his UWF stuff before the UWF was bought by Crockett.
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