Angle blames arrest on Rhaka KHAAAAAAAN!!!

Here is a follow-up to the Kurt Angle story from the other day.

The Pittsburg Channel 4 News is reporting that Kurt Angle blamed the entire thing on Rhaka Khan. So again, here we go with the typical “he said, she said” BS that comes out of these kinds of stories. Angle says he will let the judicial system prove that he is innocent… or perhaps he is indeed the teflon don and is above the law in the Pittsburg area.

Kurt’s side of the story is QUITE different than the police report:

The cops told me I had to leave. I didn’t even know why. I got out of there. If they tell me I’ve got to get out of my house, I’m leaving, I’m gone, and this girl ended up following me.

They reported Kurt grabbed his precious gold medal when he was forced to leave by the Police Department, which shows the one thing he loves more than Trenesha Biggers and Karen Angle.

You can read the original story here.

We will be discussing this on tonight’s edition of FightGameBlog Radio with Double G (Not Double J Kurt, don’t shoot on him!). Join us tonight at 1AM Eastern, 10PM pacific on Angrymarks.

Kurt left her at the center of a dead planet it seems…

Wrestlemania 23 – Who Wouldn’t Want To Cut Donald Trump’s Hair?

When it’s all said and done, what Wrestlemania 23 will be remembered for is a haircut match. This isn’t any random old haircut match. This was a billionaire’s haircut match. Well, at least one of them was a billionaire.

Donald Trump has been affiliated with wrestling in the past. He hosted Wrestlemania IV and V at his Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey. They were two of the worst Wrestlemania’s ever, but that didn’t stop Vince McMahon from calling Trump’s name some 18 years later. And McMahon needed it.

Wrestlemania is what Vince McMahon and company build to every year. It’s their Super Bowl. It’s always the biggest PPV of the year, and the one in which they pull out all the stops. This year, the stops was Donald Trump. You might wonder why putting Donald Trump on a wrestling show, and one that he won’t even wrestle on, is important. The reason it’s important is because people wanted to pay to see who would get their hair cut between Vince and the Donald. Can you imagine a bald Donald Trump? Everyone wants to see that right? Even though anyone in their right mind would know that Trump would’ve never signed on to a match in which he’d lose his hair, it was built up so well, and it went on to be the main event in the biggest money making event in company history.

Donald Trump is still a big name. Even though his television show, The Apprentice was struggling mightily, he’s a well known public figure. And to get a well known public figure who isn’t a one hit wonder (like Kevin Federline) was a major coup for the WWE. It allowed them to enter the main stream media for a short while. The media picked up on Donald Trump being involved with wrestling and it sparked a little bit of a buzz. The wrestling fans are going to buy Wrestlemania. The goal is to get everyone else to do so.
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