The Raw Rerun – Vickie Guerrero Is Fired

Vickie Guerrero is fired

The show had a lot of wrestling on it and two key angles, which made for a fun, though mindless show. Continue reading

2013 Slammy Awards Time Capsule Review

2013 Slammy AwardsI’m going to take a one-week break from the Raw Rerun since this is what can be considered a special episode of Monday Night Raw. Or at least slightly special.

But the Raw Rerun will be back next week. I’ll leave you with a little bit of Rerun in case you miss him.

Okay, that’s enough of Rerun. Let’s get to the Slammy’s! Continue reading

Money In The Bank Play By Play – The Return Of RVD

Money In The Bank recap

It’s the Money In The Bank show and the return of RVD!

I didn’t see the pre-show match, but the Shield retained against The Usos in what was said to be a really good match.

Here’s your Money In The Bank recap:

1. Fandango vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Jack Swagger vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett

Some really cool spots here. Cody Rhodes stole the show and it was built up to make it look like he was going to win. Michael Cole oversold the finish way too much.

Ambrose did a skin the cat on a ladder that Cesaro and Swagger were holding up in the air.

Rhodes hit a package suplex on Cesaro onto a ladder propped against the top rope. Most of the guys were out of the match early and on the floor, which made it not as intuitive as some of the better ones. Continue reading

The Raw Rerun (Money In The Bank Go Home Show)

Wyatt Family debuts

Raw was still a convoluted show with the babyfaces all facing each other, but it was more entertaining than it’s been the last two weeks.

The Wyatt family debuts.

They’re here!

After the great videos hyping them, their debut into WWE was a bit underwhelming, though I wouldn’t say it was a disappointment. After Kane beat Christian in a weird match of faces wrestling each other (in which they did because they’re in the same ladder match on Sunday), the Wyatt’s entrance video played and they came out and beat bumps on Kane.

(Supposedly, Kane may be held out of the Money In The Bank match on Sunday to sell the beating.)

Bray watched the beat down in a rocking chair while the crowd chanted Husky Harris at him. Crowds can be dicks sometimes.

I thought they should’ve made a bigger impact, though it’s week one on the go home show. Maybe they’ll show their true impact next week. Continue reading

3 Things You Need To Know About Raw (2 Weeks Until TLC)


It was quite the version of Raw. One on hand, it was a quality wrestling show if you are a fan of the in-ring action, and if you’re putting up with three hours every week, you kind of have to be right? But on the other end, there was definitely some stuff that would make you scratch your head. Onward and upward …

1. There was some good wrestling y’all.

John Cena and Sheamus as a tag team was pretty fun. They are goofy and made for each other and as a team, they worked well together. On the other side, Dolph Ziggler and Big Show were good as well. They wrestled a fun TV match, but the finish left a lot to be desired if you were actually interested in seeing Dolph Ziggler and John Cena wrestle at the PPV.

The four-way between Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Wade Barrett, and Antonio Cesaro was a great look at guys who WWE should be pushing really hard in 2013, especially Barrett and Cesaro. It was my favorite segment on the show and my favorite Raw match in several weeks.

Even the Team Hell No vs. The Prime Time Players was a quality wrestling match.

2. The show felt like it was five hours, not three.

Thankfully, there was fun wrestling because most of the talking segments were extended far too long and we had far too much of Miz talking. He’s supposed to be a babyface. Yet, he’s the world’s worst babyface. Actually, if he was still supposed to be a heel, I’d say it was his most effective run ever. That’s how bad he is as a babyface.
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3 Things You Need To Know About Raw (4 Weeks Until TLC)


Even though I didn’t watch the Survivor Series, I did hear some good things about it, especially concerning them bringing up Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns to the big roster as either Heyman guys or Punk guys. Having Punk lead a stable isn’t new (NXT), but I think it could extend his title run which isn’t yet stale. Then again, he’s more than likely losing to the Rock at Royal Rumble.

But Raw was a mixed bag. I was bored throughout much of it, but there were bits and pieces of good stuff.

1. Punk has been the champ for a full year.

It really is amazing that they’ve kept the belt on him for so long. There was a show long anticipation for the ceremony of him holding the WWE championship for 365 days and his promo at the end was very good. He and Heyman compared Punk to stars like HBK, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, and Rock, who never held the belt in one run for as long as Punk has. It made you realize how different this is compared to old eras.

Some of it has to do with hot shot booking, but really, there were so many more stars back then, they were all deserving of holding the title and it made sense. Today, very few WWE guys seem to be championship “worthy”.

Ryback came out and was jumped by the same three men who jumped him at the PPV. And again, they put him through a table with a power bomb. Punk put his foot on Ryback and held his title in the air. All that was needed was a, “Come on baby!” No, we didn’t get it.

This will probably lead to a Tables match at TLC with Ryback and I imagine, the three henchmen will have something to do with that finish as well.
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