FGB Radio – UFC 112 Recap And Strikeforce Talk

Big D and I are back for a show that goes just over an hour because Big D had to speak to a lady friend.

We heavily discuss UFC 112, talking about the Frankie Edgar vs. B.J. Penn fight and how you build to a second fight.

We talk about the egg Anderson Silva laid and what you do with him. Is a fight with GSP still something people want to see?

We discuss Dan Henderson vs. Jake Shields, Gegard Mousasi and King Mo, and Shinya Aoki vs. Gilbert Melendez.

Lastly, we talk about the reason why you should watch 24/7 Mayweather/Mosley which you can watch on HBO’s website.

We do all this while I cross my fingers and hope that Big D’s conversation with his new lady friend goes right.

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UFC 112 Play By Play – B.J. Penn Vs. Frankie Edgar

UFC 112 from the Abu Dhabi is running way early live in the US. The majority of folks won’t watch this until much later, but we’re going to post this for the early risers. If you want to wait until the evening to watch this, don’t read ahead as there will be spoilers.

1. Mark Munoz vs. Kendall Grove

I don’t usually root for a ton of different guys. It’d be nice to see certain guys win though. I think it’d be great to see Munoz fight well tonight.

Munoz got an early takedown and went for another one, but Grove met him with an uppercut and Munoz went down. Grove followed up with some wicked punches as Munoz held onto his leg, some of them looked like they were in the back of the head. Grove slipped a guillotine on Munoz and he tried to roll over the top and Kendall held on. Munoz has crazy heart, but looks very weary. This could be a 10-8 round for Grove.

Munoz came out swinging, but he left himself open. Grove hit him with a knee and they went back on the ground. Grove was high for a triangle. Munoz switched spots and was on top and he started to wail shots down on Grove. Instead of trying to work his way to his feet, Grove sat back and was trying to keep him off with up kicks. Munoz got an opening and just went crazy with the ground and pound, Grove turned to his belly, and the referee stopped it. What a crazy turn of events.

Winner: Mark Munoz by way of 2nd round TKO

2. Rafael Dos Anjos vs. Terry Etim
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FGB Radio – Kanyon, HBK, UFC 112 Preview, ROH, & Fallout From Last Weekend

Big D and I are back to talk about the passing of Kanyon, who passed away this weekend. D remembers a few tidbits about his career, including a WWE house show he was at that Kanyon showed up to unannounced.

We talk fallout of WrestleMania, including the retirement of Shawn Michaels and three other men who we probably won’t see on WWE TV again. We discuss the aftermath of UFC 111 and what you do with Frank Mir. We talk about the Super Six tournament and the debacle of a fight between Roy Jones and Bernard Hopkins.

We also preview UFC 112, which is this weekend. And lastly, Big D quickly talks about the ROH Big Bang PPV from the weekend as well. Lots of stuff, but we get through it with a quickness.

Check it out.

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