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Bound for Glory 2022 Recap | Surprises & Returns w/the Ghost of TNA | Brace for IMPACT

  On this episode of Brace for IMPACT, Mike Gilbert brings on a handful of IMPACT Wrestling fans to help him review Bound For Glory. Among the main topics, Mike discusses the massive surprises the show had, including the returns of Bully Ray and Matt Cardona, the debut of Bobby Fish, and two all-time classic…

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Brace for IMPACT: Braun Strowman expected to debut at Bound For Glory

Braun Strowman expected to debut at Bound For Glory Mike Johnson of PW Insider is reporting that Adam Scherr, the former Braun Strowman in WWE, is debuting this weekend for IMPACT Wrestling. He is expected to appear at Bound for Glory. No details on the terms of the agreement with Scherr, who will be using…

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WWE Preparing A Raid of Ring of Honor Talents

Alright… I have not been able to confirm this from ANYBODY in WWE management yet and have only sourced it from TWO people. So if this does not come to fruition, then I wholeheartedly apologize but I feel this is important enough to put up right away. Editor’s note: Mike Johnson from PWInsider.com did a…

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Random Wrestling Thoughts – Layla’s Badonkadonk

Every week I will try look at Raw, ECW, TNA, and Smackdown and give my thoughts. These are just my thoughts ladies and gentlemen, just my thoughts. Random wrestling thoughts for the week of July 14, 2008: Raw If Stephanie and Shane wanted to get this message across of unity, shouldn’t they be telling the…

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