UFC on Fuel TV: Rich Franklin vs. Cung Le Play By Play

Why am I up at 6AM to watch UFC? I’m not exactly sure. This is the first ever UFC event in China and while Cung Le isn’t Chinese, I guess he is the closest thing the UFC has to someone who channels Bruce Lee’s spirit.

1. Jeff Hougland vs. Takeya Mizugaki

Mizugaki escaped a submission attempt and ended up in the top position and was throwing wicked shots from the top, going for broke. Easily his round.

It was a very similar round to the first. It lasted on the feet longer and Mizugaki threw a nice right hand that seemed to stagger Hougland, but he may also have been playing possum because after looking like he was hurt, he came right back with a right hand of his own. Round was to Mizugaki again.

Mizugaki couldn’t put him away, but he dominated round. He busted Hougland open with an elbow from the top and continued to pound away. Mizugaki should win this unanimously.

Winner: Takeya Mizugaki by unanimous decision

One judge gave it to him 30-25. If you were a generous judge, I could see that. But Hougland wasn’t even close to being stopped.

2. Jon Tuck vs. Tiequan Zhang
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Aftermath – UFC 125 & Dynamite!! 2010

What a weekend last weekend was for MMA. If you had HDNet, you could’ve watched the marathon-like Dynamite!! 2010 show and then followed it up with the UFC 125 show and the epic Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard title fight.

We’ll start with the Dynamite!! show and then move onto UFC 125.

Dynamite!! 2010

Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Bibiano Fernandes (although Tetsuya Yamato vs. Akiyo Nishiura was very good)
Worst Fight: Jason High vs. Hasato Sakurai

If a show lasts 7 hours, and the time flies and I never lose interest then it’s an automatic thumbs up!!! Just an awesome awesome presentation. No blowaway fight which is disappointing when there are 15 fights on the show, but still, a good 12 of them were very enjoyable. Highlights for me included Takaya winning a good main event, Overeem looking like the biggest beast ever, the Aoki fight with the Cosplay dude(tte), Miyata’s German Suplexes, the damn heelish boxer and of course Trigg In A Wig.

Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Kyotaro vs. Gegard Mousasi
Worst Fight: Hiroshi Izumi vs. Minowaman

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UFC 125 – Gray Maynard Vs. Frankie Edgar

We’ve talked a lot about this New Year’s Day card on the site. Just search for UFC 125 if you want to take a look at what we’ve written and if you want to check out the podcast we did earlier in the week.

I would imagine the show isn’t going to do a good buyrate because of the lack of star power in the main event, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be a good show.

Clay Guida and Takanori Gomi open up the show.

1. Takanori Gomi vs. Clay Guida

First round was hard to watch. Guida’s style is definitely annoying Gomi who can’t seem to get unleashed. Guida landed the best shot of the round and also got a take down late in the round.

This has to be frustrating for Gomi. Guida’s in and out and hopping around like crazy man and landing a shot here and there. Gomi can’t really catch him. Guida grabbed onto a guillotine and Gomi tapped out.

Winner: Clay Guida by way of 2nd round submission

2. Dong Hyun Kim vs. Nate Diaz

Good ground battle for most of the round. Kim is using his size advantage to power through most of what Diaz is trying to do, but Diaz was very busy from the bottom.

Kim is taking Diaz down at will. Once Kim gets on top, Diaz can’t really move him. Diaz reversed him and tried to get his back, but Kim pushed him over the top and they ended the round on their fight. Diaz may have to finish him to win the fight.
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UFC 117 Preview – Chael Sonnen Vs. Anderson Silva

Thanks to Chael Sonnen’s superb hype job, there is actual interest in not only an Anderson Silva fight, but an Anderson Silva fight against a fighter without a terrific pedigree.

It’s not like Sonnen isn’t a good fighter. He’s a former WEC champion, but he’s also a fighter who toiled in the UFC in the mid 2000s, going 1-2 and losing to the likes Jeremy Horn and Babalu Sobral by second round submissions. He remade himself by winning 7 of his next 8 fights in Bodog, SportFight, and WEC and then subsequently lost his first fight back in the UFC to Demian Maia, the same Demian Maia who Anderson Silva didn’t take seriously and beat easily.

But he then beat Dan Miller, Yushin Okami, and Nate Marquardt in succession to get the title shot with Silva. He’s gone 10-2 since his first run in the UFC, but only because he’s become the best promo guy in the UFC, is this fight even half as interesting as it would be if he wasn’t so good with a microphone in his face.

The FGB crew, along with Stevie J from Angry Marks, friend of FGB JP, and Ryan Frederick, member of the F4W Board~!, are here with predictions for the top three fights on the card.

Junior Dos Santos vs. Roy Nelson

Duan: Dos Santos by 1st round TKO
Alan: Dos Santos by 1st round TKO
Stevie J: Dos Santos by decision
JP: Dos Santos by 3rd round TKO
Ryan: Dos Santos by 2nd round TKO
GG: Dos Santos by 2nd round TKO

Duan says:

All Nelson’s wins have been at a certain level, and in my opinion Dos Santos is about four leagues up from that. Nelson has great power, but is stylistically crude. JDS will see his shots coming a mile out and take him out with some damaging counters.

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UFC 108 – Rashad Evans Vs. Thiago Silva Play By Play

We’ll see how low UFC buy rates can get. At the very least, with low expectations, if this show is any good at all, I think most fans will be happy.

1. Gilbert Yvel vs. Junior Dos Santos

Dos Santos came out to Gonna Fly Now from Rocky.

Yvel absolutely didn’t look comfortable in there for whatever reason. In boxing, the back and forth can sometimes look like a dance. This was no dance. Neither guy seemed to be able to get off crisp shots, but Dos Santos was staying within himself while Yvel was lunging a bit. Then Dos Santos slipped under a punch and unleashed a left hook of doom. Either he didn’t connect perfectly, or Yvel has a head of granite. But he was able to follow him to the ground and finish him.

Winner: Junior Dos Santos by way of 1st round TKO

2. Duane Ludwig vs. Jim Miller
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UFC 108 Preview – Rashad Evans Vs. Thiago Silva

We will definitely see what the low barometer is for a UFC show these days. There aren’t any title matches on this show nor are there any shots for number one contendership. You have some possibly fun fights, but even the main event is a semi-main event match at best.

The FGB crew was able to put some thoughts together on this card as the new year rung in.

Gilbert Yvel vs. Junior Dos Santos

Duan: Yvel by 1st round TKO
Alan: Yvel by 1st round TKO
Jim: Yvel by 1st round TKO
GG: Dos Santos by 2nd round TKO

Duan says:

Gilbert is not going to be a major factor in the UFC heavyweight division. This opportunity has come too late. He is so one dimensional that I just can’t imagine him ever stringing together a run of wins. What he can do though, is have some entertaining wars and possibly cause an upset or two a long the way. This is a good fight for him. Dos Santos will trade with him, and he may just find that he is outgunned. Gilbert has insane knockout power, and one shot is all it will take.

I really hope this one delivers the type of knock down, drag out brawl we expected from Dos Santos and Cro Cop.

Alan says:
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