TNA Lockdown Review

TNA’s annual all still cage PPV is in the books and like every one before it, it shall remain very memorable in TNA’s history books. There were a variety of changes done to the card before hand but in the end, it turned out better than advertised.

One thing I wanted to mention was my opinion of the setup. I always believed that PPVs should look different than tapings and while tonight’s crowd separated them, I felt TNA could have done more with the stage, and ropes.

Rob Van Dam defeated James Storm to earn his team the advantage.

Going in, I really questioned what chance James Storm had against the “Whole F’N Show” since RVD is so much higher on TNA’s pecking order. RVD kicked things off strong by knocking the cage door into the face of Storm then moments later jumping from the cage wall to the outside. RVD was bloodied (a common theme in tonight’s show) moments later. A very solid outing in spite of both men having to compete twice in tonight’s show. RVD picked up the win with a Five Star Frog Splash.

3 out of 5

Homicide defeated Brian Kendrick, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin to advance to the X Title Match later tonight

This was originally a tag team match but was changed as a result of the X Division Championship Match being changed. (More on that later) I felt like this match benefited from the change as beforehand there was no reason for these four to go at it. This should have been better than it was but wasn’t given enough time to develop. Kendrick got busted open then screwed over by Homicide, who escaped the cage to win and advance to the X Division Championship Match.

2 out of 5

Kevin Nash defeated Eric Young

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Lockdown Preview and Predictions

April 18th is the night when the all steel cage PPV returns to TNA as the company rolls into St. Louis with high expectations and leaves in a puddle of their own blood. This Lockdown is a completely different experience from those in the past. For the first time, a new steel cage will be used (which I really like). Lockdown has traditionally been one of the strongest TNA PPVs of the year and despite the poor buildup, it could be again this year.

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm of Beer Money

As a buildup to the “Harbinger of Hell,” a member of both Team Hogan and Team Flair will battle it out for the advantage. This all stems from a match a few weeks ago that resulted in Storm smashing a beer bottle on the head of RVD. The intelligent decision would have Storm somehow win to give Team Flair the advantage forcing Team Hogan to fight against the odds, and that is what I am going with.

Motor City Machine Guns vs Brian Kendrick & Homicide

Why the hell is this match even on the card. Traditionally Lockdown would feature an Xscape Match pitting multiple X Division guys against each other. I see no storyline reason this match is even on here. The Machine Guns has no history with either Kendrick or Homicide and what makes it worse is that the Notorious 187 has been mostly featured on Xplosion. The only thing I can see here is TNA continue to build up the Machine Guns while teasing more of a Matt Morgan feud with the boys from Detroit or maybe continue something with Homicide.
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Exclusive: Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair make their in-ring TNA debuts on…

March 8th, when TNA returns to Monday Nights, this time permanently (unless they tank), at 9PM to compete with WWE.

This is interesting because the last time TNA went head to head with WWE on Monday Nights was the infamous January 4th show when they made their debuts. Apparently, rather than try to pop a buyrate by having Flair’s first televised match since his retirement on this hemisphere and Hogan’s last in forever, they are planning to throw haymakers at WWE.

The planned match as of this writing is AJ Styles and Ric Flair vs. Abyss and Hulk Hogan. Sources close to TNA have speculated that the Abyss feud with AJ is only a placeholder until The Pope can retake the primary feud.

This is an interesting strategy to examine considering that the rumors of RVD coming in and Jeff Hardy returning on that date are going to be running rampant as we approach March 8th, but just to seal the deal, will have Hogan and Flair make a dual debut. I wonder if this is just a desperation tactic for that night. The issue is – how will they be able to follow it up afterward?

Rumors are also flying that the final Thursday Impact is set to be headlined by AJ Styles vs. Desmond Wolfe vs. Abyss vs. The Pope in a non-title four-way. Should be a fun match, but I wouldn’t have Pope and AJ touch until Lockdown. Oh well, this is TNA.

Brother, if it wasn’t 1995-esque before… it sure as hell is now!

Big D’s Thoughts on TNA Against All Odds 2010

TNA Against All Odds 2010 is in the books and the show was quite… strange. The show was primarily focused on an 8-man “8 Card Stud” single-elimination tournament with the winner becoming the #1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Title at Lockdown in April. Looking at the show on paper, you’d expect a wrestling-heavy show with very little gaga. Well it certainly was, and it bombed.

Against All Odds can perhaps be seen as a conundrum; an extended metaphor for this entire Bischoff/Hogan regime. For all of the complaints that fans had about the Russo/Jarrett era mainly due to the logic holes during Impact, almost every PPV was pretty solid-to-great. With this regime, it’s almost completely backwards. The TNA Impact television show has certainly improved tenfold; better timing, virtually no shenanigans, but still failing to really hook the audience (and when I say the audience, I mean me and a few select people I’ve spoken to). It almost seems like TNA went from being bad to boring and to be frank; I don’t know which is worse.

This couldn’t have happened at the worst time considering that TNA has been on a streak of fantastic PPVs since all the way back in September. The reasoning behind this is odd though. Why? Is it that the talent is fed up with the management change? Is it that the new/old people brought in can’t hack it with the young talent, bringing the overall match quality down? Could it just be that the talent is had two off nights, two months in a row? I don’t know; but match-wise, Against All Odds was a failure, and that’s something I haven’t said about a TNA PPV since last summer.
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Aftermath – TNA Genesis 2010

The first TNA PPV of the Hulk Hogan era is in the books and is getting all sorts of mixed reviews all throughout the interwebs. GG and I were the only ones who got to see it from FGB, so here are our thoughts:

Thumbs in the middle
Best match – Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles
Worst match – Tara vs. ODB

I don’t mind sacrificing great wrestling to push angles if you deem them important first off. But none of the stuff they pushed as huge was really all that big. Ken Anderson was a huge let down. There were only two matches that were really good. I liked Desmond and Pope because it was something different. It was long and had some boring spots, but it was easy to follow and they told a good story. Angle and AJ was good, but not great. I don’t like AJ as a heel or as a Ric Flair like character. It looks like something that’s doomed to fail.

Also, Daniels losing to Morley was terrible. That kind of stuff is a what makes people change the channel and what doomed WCW. I give them a bit of a mulligan because they don’t have their stuff together, but also can’t give this anymore than a thumbs in the middle.

Big D
Thumbs in the Middle
Best match – The Pope vs. Desmond Wolfe
Worst Match – Tara vs. ODB

We saw a bunch of changes, including a new set, ramp, and now FOUR-Sided ring. But these are NOT necessarily the changes I hoped for with Hogan and Bischoff in control. The “WWE jobbers” as I call it were put over way too often, with Ken Anderson flopping in his victory over Abyss and the former Val Venis botching in HIS win over Chris Daniels, who by the way was MAIN EVENTING the last two TNA PPVs and having classic matches in both. Some good stuff though was the main event and the awesome Pope vs. Wolfe match, which I think stole the show. At first I was lukewarm to the idea of AJ Styles as a heel, then I realized he’s too short and not believable as a bad guy. I’m a wrestling fan and I’m supposed to BOO AJ Styles and Ric Flair? Huh? Big mistake. There were a LOT of mistakes made on this show, and some small improvements… so it’s gotta be in the middle.

TNA Genesis PPV (2010) Play By Play – Kurt Angle Vs. AJ Styles Plus Hulk Hogan

Yep, I decided to get this show. It might be four years since I’ve seen an actual TNA PPV live, but hey, I’m caught up in the buzz too. I’m intrigued, but I know that more than likely, I’ll be disappointed in the end. But at least we’re going to get a good main event.

Big D will chime in with his thoughts from time to time.

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are in the ring to do a promo. There’s now a ramp and there’s no more 6-sided ring. Of course, on queue, the fans start chanting that they want six sides. Hogan says in a 4-sided ring is where professional wrestling is done. He said it’s where they shed their blood, sets, and tears. I think me meant sweat.

He called out Vince McMahon with his “Whatcha gonna do!” line and then called him “brother! or sister” at the end.

1. Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick

Kendrick’s the mystery guy, but we told you that last night on FGB Radio. Kendrick looks like he’s in his heel “The Brian Kendrick” character. No Don West with Red.

There’s a very large woman in a purple dress sitting ringside who looks like Brooke Hogan.

It was a pretty good back and forth match. Kendrick is much larger than Red and the story was almost like the champ was the underdog. I think most expected Kendrick to take the title. Kendrick slowed the match down as he and Red were off with the timing a bit. Red finished him with the Code Red, which is a cool little move. Very solid opener.

From Big D:

Hot opener. Surprised Red won, but Kendrick looked good. They must like Red. Bisch likes young guys.

Winner: Amazing Red

Sean Waltman beat Scott Hall in rock, paper, scissors to be Nash’s tag team partner after Bischoff and Hogan told them that they don’t have a contract and have to prove themselves. Why Hall would agree since he’s in the same boat as Waltman, the world will never know.

2. Sean Morley vs. Christopher Daniels
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