He’s The Booker, I’m The Blogger: Starrcade 1985 Review

Starrcade 85 review

This is the third “He’s The Booker, I’m The Blogger” feature. We discuss Starrcade 1985: The Gathering. Continue reading

Video Vault – The Brain and the Brawler

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan was one of the funniest and most outlandish personalities in the history of the business. He used to manage one Red Rooster Terry Taylor, but they had a falling out and Rooster left the nest, so to speak. Terry Taylor then disrespected the Brain on WWF Prime Time Wrestling.

Nobody… disrespects the Brain…

Little side tidbit – this was the origin of Steve Lombardi’s transformation into the Brooklyn Brawler.

Needless to say, his record didn’t improve by much.