RAW25 Live Coverage

Raw25 live coverage

We’ll have Raw25 live coverage tonight. Follow along!

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Road To WrestleMania 28 – Week 8

Shawn Michaels may have once lost his smile, but holy heck, his smile saved a long and lifeless segment tonight.

Let’s take a look at every scheduled match and talk about the build.

  • Since it was the main event segment, let’s talk about it first. I was pretty disappointed in the Triple H vs. Undertaker segment. What I’ve liked about Triple H’s character in the last two months all went down the drain tonight. He was back to being the grovel-ly, wannabe bad ass, and I’m just through with that character. I liked the grown up character who is in a suit and knows his days are close to being done, but for one night, he can strap up his boots again and go with the best of them. I also think they’ve taken steam off the Undertaker a bit. Duan and I were talking a month ago that Taker is one of the only guys left with that superstar aura. I haven’t felt it the last two times we’ve seen him. Is it because HBK seems more special? Maybe. Might also be because he looks like a goof with the hood on.

    What saved this segment for me, and really I think made it work overall in the end was Shawn Michaels’ smile. When Taker told HHH that Shawn was better than him, Shawn smirked and sold the smirk until HHH looked at him dismayed. That was money.

  • The Rock and John Cena stuff was toned down tonight and it seems as if they’ve halted all the insults. Rock’s promo was more about it being a huge match and getting the respect from all the great performers of the past. Very little of it was about demeaning Cena. And then he posted this on his Twitter last night:

    I’m not sure if there was a directive or not to stop burying each other, but it sure seemed like it. And it’s probably for the better. What I also wonder is if they’re foreshadowing the finish where if Rock has to lose, he loses to an opponent he respects, rather than one he constantly makes fun of. Cena didn’t get a chance to talk, but he was able to show that crazy strength by putting Mark Henry on his shoulders. That gets him over every time.

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WWE 2010 Fatal 4-Way Play By Play – John Cena Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Sheamus Vs. Edge

I can’t say I’m super interested in this show. The build up has been awful, and of late, the NXT angle has dominated the hype. I just hope there’s some good matches tonight. Sometimes, the worst built shows have some of the best matches. That’s my hope.

Vince McMahon comes out to start the show and says that Bret Hart won’t be on the PPV tonight because of what happened to him on Monday at the end of Raw.

Drew McIntyre came out and shook hands with Vince. Vince left in a limo. I wonder if the NXT guys go after Vince’s limo next.

1. Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston

The build of Drew is so weird. I haven’t ever understood it and after this match, I still don’t. He brought Teddy Long down to ringside so that when he beat Kofi, Teddy would have to be the one to give him the title.

It was a longer match than I expected. McIntyre worked on Kofi’s arm for the first half of the match. Kofi made a good comeback and the match picked up, but then there was a ref bump. McIntyre hit him with his finisher but the ref was no where to be found. McIntyre brought Teddy into the ring, and stripped the ref shirt from the downed ref and put it on Teddy. He went to count the three, but stopped at two. Then Matt Hardy came out and hit Drew with his finisher and then Teddy counted three. And this is a way to get McIntyre over? Or are they still punishing him?

Winner: Kofi Kingston

2. Maryse vs. Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres

Alicia stole Eve’s pin on Maryse to win the Divas title. Eve hit a pretty sweet moonsault on Maryse right before then. The match was actually half-decent and had a good pace.

Winner: Alicia Fox

Chris Jericho came out to cut a long promo about how he’s not the hot thing in the company anymore, but now he’s on top and people want to make a name for themselves by beating him. Then he challenged Evan Bourne in what I think is an impromptu match. I don’t remember seeing this one made on Raw.

3. Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne
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WWE 2009 The Bash Play By Play

This show used to be called “The Great American Bash”, but is now simply called “The Bash”. It’s also now in June rather than in July. Like the past few months of shows, there’s no real money match on the show, but it should be an entertaining evening because of good wrestling matches.

It looks like the ECW Championship scramble match is first.

1. ECW Championship Scramble

Christian and Jack Swagger are in first. It was a very slow first three minutes with Swagger working him over.

Finlay came out next and the match picked up. Swagger rolled Finlay up and is now the current ECW champion.

Dreamer came in and this match is pretty much a cluster. Finlay hit his finisher on Swagger and is now the current champ. Usually 4 way matches like this work because they can work out some fun multiple man spots. But these guys are off tonight. Working hard, but off.

I had no clue that Mark Henry was in the match. He’s the fifth guy. They did a stack superplex with Dreamer getting suplexed on. Best spot of the match. Henry powerslammed Dreamer and won the fall. He’s the current champ with about 4 1/2 minutes left.

Finlay jumped though the top and middle rope and out to the floor. Dreamer did his somersault from the apron. Christian jumped from the second rope to the floor. Then Mark Henry threatened jumping out to the floor, but Swagger saved him by undercutting him and then Vader Bombing him and pinning him.

Henry put Swagger in the 619 position, but jumped on the back of his head and through the ropes and to the floor.

Christian hit the Unprettier on Swagger, but Dreamer broke up the pin and pinned him with the DDT. There’s a little over a minute left in the match.

Dreamer snuck out of the match as the champ. Everyone tried to pin him at the end, but failed. Dreamer is still (or once again) the ECW champ. They tried to be innovative and worked hard, but the match just didn’t completely work. It had some fun spots, but overall, was just ok.

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How I’d Book The WWE Draft

I absolutely have no idea how they’re doing the draft tonight. But I remember that the only two drafts that felt like they were truly special drafts. The first one was the inaugural draft with the brand extension as the reason for having it. The entire roster was drafted by Ric Flair and Vince McMahon and it was made to be pretty important.

The other draft that was special was when John Cena and Batista traded places as champions and I remember that draft being held over a few weeks.

The last few drafts haven’t really been anything other than a random trading of talent. What should they do to spice it up?

Well, they should hold it like a real sports draft.
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WWE Raw – 2008 Slammy Awards: Play By Play

(I’m on the west coast, so this play by play is a bit delayed)

Why, after all these years, are they bringing back the Slammy’s? Well, they need three hours of TV to fill tonight. Why after 5 years away am I blogging Raw again? Eh, I don’t know. I think I just have a heart for nostalgia and while this show won’t be as wacky as the old Slammy’s stuff, I think it will still be fun.

But probably not as fun as this.

For some reason, we have three huge matches that completely overshadow anything that WWE will try and make you pay for this weekend at Armageddon. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll get any clean finishes though.

Maria and Festus (with a tie over his overalls) present the tag team of the year award.

Nominees: Carlito & Primo, Team Priceless, Miz & Morrison, and Cryme Tyme

If Miz & Morrison don’t win, it’s a travesty. And thankfully, they win. Morrison thanks Chuck Norris while Miz thanks Baba Booey.

1. John Morrison vs. CM Punk

This match is one of the semi-finals of the Intercontinental contender tournament. Punk did a cross body to the floor, but Morrison didn’t catch him very well.

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