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Takumi Iroha

Five Star Joshi || FWC captures tag team gold

Welcome! This is a weekly insight into the world of joshi pro wrestling, discussing the shows, the best matches to watch, what wrestler(s) stood out, and a look ahead at what’s to come. It goes hand-in-hand with the Five Star Joshi Podcast, which you can listen to every Friday on Fight Game Media Network +! THOUGHTS OF THE WEEK STARDOM has picked…

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Stardom 5 STAR Grand Prix Final 2021 Review: The Perfect Conclusion to an All-Time Tournament

On Saturday, Stardom presented its 5 STAR Grand Prix Final. The show aired live both on pay-per-view and Samurai TV as it was the ultimate conclusion to a two-month-long tournament. For those unfamiliar with the tournament, it is the same round-robin style tournament as NJPW’s annual G1 Climax. Previous winners of the tournament include Nanae…

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STARDOM 5STAR Grand Prix Preview: Stardom’s biggest tournament yet

I love a good round robin puroresu tournament. NJPW’s G1 Climax may still be the pinnacle of those types of tournaments, but Stardom’s 5STAR Grand Prix has quickly established itself as the joshi equivalent to it. This will be the biggest 5STAR to date, with 20 competitors total. And considering the impact of last year’s 5STAR,…

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Marvelous Korakuen Preview: Takumi Iroha Returns

Marvelous: That’s Women Pro Wrestling, the promotion of Joshi legend Chigusa Nagayo, has a major show this coming Monday that will feature the return of their ace, Takumi Iroha. Not only is it a major show due to Iroha’s first match back, but it will also feature three talents from Stardom as they are set…

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