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Taku Iwasa

Dragon Gate Infinity 125

So yeah, this Infinity came along, and I guess due to timing there was really nothing major to show so instead we got a bunch of crap that we’d NEVER normally see and it ruled the earth!! 125 Open the Owarai Gate Title: Jackson Florida © vs. “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa For those unfamiliar, Jackson’s gimmick…

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Dragon Gate Infinity 122 + 123

122 1. Open the Twin Gate Unified Tag Title: YAMATO & Cyber Kong (c) vs. Susumu Yokosuka & Ryo Saito The story going into this was that Ryosuka may not have had a stable anymore, but they still had each other and they felt that was all they needed to get another run with the…

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Card for 3/22 Dragon Gate (Their biggest show ever)

The card for Dragon Gate’s first venture into Sumo Hall is one of the most stacked wrestling cards in years. This is far and away their biggest show ever and demonstrates what great strides the company has made. Word is that the advance ticket sales have been very strong and everyone is expecting a roaring…

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DRAGON GATE Infinity 116!

Into a new year with Dragon Gate, and there are many stories at play. -Naruki Doi is the new Open The Dream Gate Champion, ending the near 6 month reign of Shingo. -CIMA was choked into retirement by the man quickly becoming the hottest Dragon Gate heel in several years, YAMATO. -Long standing, all star…

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