Top Five – UFC 200 Week Is Upon Us

UFC 200 week

What were the top stories last week?

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Why UFC on Fuel 8: Silva vs. Stann Matters

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As often as not when it comes to UFC on Fuel cards, I hear both casual fans and hardcore MMA enthusiasts say something like, “Thank God I can skip a show this week.” This is in part Zuffa’s own fault. You can’t put on more than 40 cards in a 52 week calendar year and expect every single one to be treated as equally important. Even UFC’s own numbered events tend to suffer – I’ve even attended a few. UFC 130 was not an event anybody needs to go out of their way to see, and UFC is scheduling more events per month now than they ever conceived of in 2011.

The telling thing about that event though is that Brian Stann won one of the night’s best fights, defeating Jorge Santiago by KO at 4:29 of the 1st round, and both fighters have gone in opposite directions since. Santiago lost a unanimous decision to Gunnar Nelson last month and was released by UFC for the third (and possibly last) time, while ‘All American’ Stann has only lost two times since then and both against top ranked fighters – Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping. Stann still feels like a contender at middleweight while Santiago feels like a fighter past his prime. Continue reading

UFC on Fuel TV: Rich Franklin vs. Cung Le Play By Play

Why am I up at 6AM to watch UFC? I’m not exactly sure. This is the first ever UFC event in China and while Cung Le isn’t Chinese, I guess he is the closest thing the UFC has to someone who channels Bruce Lee’s spirit.

1. Jeff Hougland vs. Takeya Mizugaki

Mizugaki escaped a submission attempt and ended up in the top position and was throwing wicked shots from the top, going for broke. Easily his round.

It was a very similar round to the first. It lasted on the feet longer and Mizugaki threw a nice right hand that seemed to stagger Hougland, but he may also have been playing possum because after looking like he was hurt, he came right back with a right hand of his own. Round was to Mizugaki again.

Mizugaki couldn’t put him away, but he dominated round. He busted Hougland open with an elbow from the top and continued to pound away. Mizugaki should win this unanimously.

Winner: Takeya Mizugaki by unanimous decision

One judge gave it to him 30-25. If you were a generous judge, I could see that. But Hougland wasn’t even close to being stopped.

2. Jon Tuck vs. Tiequan Zhang
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