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Strikeforce – Sarah Kaufman Vs. Ronda Rousey Play By Play

I think we’ve hyped this one enough. It’s time for the fight. It’s the veteran vs. the hot prospect. Kaufman looks like the tough tomboy from around the block. Rousey just looks mean. Sarah Kaufman vs. Ronda Rousey R1 Kaufman was down on the mat in 12 seconds. Rousey threw some quick jabs to get…

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From The Vault – THE ISLANDERS!

So I got this DVD comp of the short but sweet, late eighties, heel run of Haku and Tama, The Islanders. Wasn’t totally sure what to expect going in but I was assured it was great, so I decided to dive right into it when it came in the post. May 30th 1987 Superstars Islanders…

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