Strikeforce: Destruction – Bobby Southworth vs. Renato “Babalu” Sobral

Cactus Jim and I are going to the HP Pavilion tonight to watch Strikeforce: Destruction. The goal is to try and blog the phone from my mobile phone while watching the show.

Here’s a link to photos taken at the show.

1. Zakary Bucia vs. Adam Steele

Bucia got on top and locked in a guillotine for the tap very quickly.

Winner: Zakary Bucia

2. Alvin Cacdac vs. Jose Palacios

They had some good exchanges with both guys scoring. Cacdac went for the takedown but Palacio ended up on top, but Cacdac reversed position and ended up on top when the round ended.

Palacios had a triangle but Cacdac got out of it and tapped him out to a rear naked choke.

Winner: Alvin Cacdac

3. Brad Royster vs. Darren Uyenoyama

Royster had a guillotine early on but Uyenoyama worked for a rear naked for a lot of the round.

Uyenoyama spent the entire round working for submissions nearly getting an armbar.

It was on the feet for most of the third. Uyenoyama was back on top of him working for the submission as the round ended.

Winner: Darren Uyenoyama

Dave Meltzer says Uyenoyama is heading to Japan next year for Dream’s featherweight tourney.

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Terry Martin vs. Scott Smith Rounds Out Strikeforce: Destruction

Though a couple weeks ago, I posted a “finalized” card, here’s another fight that has just been added.

Terry Martin is going to face Scott Smith in what is going to be a slobber knocker.

Smith thinks the fight will be exciting.

This is one of the those match ups where there’s no chance it won’t be a great fight.

Martin was quoted to say that fighting is simply in his blood.

Fighting has always been a part of me. I come from a fightin’ family. You have to be aggressive to make it in MMA. I’m aggressive and agile and I think I have a very entertaining style.

Unless there are more matches being added between now and Friday, that should round out the card. Cactus Jim and I will be there and I’ll have a full report on Friday evening/Saturday morning.

Thanks to Mike Afromowitz for the information.

Kim Couture To Fight At Strikeforce Destruction

Kim Couture (wife of Randy Couture) is set to fight Lina Kvokov on Friday, November 21 at Strikeforce Destruction. It will be her second MMA fight and her first since losing to Kim Rose in June of this year. She took a nasty beating in that fight, finally losing by unanimous decision. In taking a beating, she also gained respect by hanging in there after a terrible first round.

It’s completely changed me as a fighter. I’ve started doing things a lot different. It made me realize that I have to be the aggressor or I’m going to get hurt.

Kvokov is also 0-1.

Quote via Strikeforce press release