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WrestleMania 27 Review – Triple H And Undertaker Steal The Show

The big selling point of WrestleMania 27 was that the Rock would return as host of the show. Now, what did host really mean? I figured he’d have several backstage vignettes and be with a lot of the guys, but after the show was over, it really didn’t mean anything. He was just there. What…

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It’s Here – Ultimate Wrestlemania XXVII Preview

Much like the event itself, it seems like the tradition around these parts is for the Emperor himself, the most handsome man on the radio, the most cunning, witty, mentally superior being in the history of the internet absolutely MUST do the most expansive and extensive preview of the biggest pro wrestling event of the…

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Road To WrestleMania 27 – Week 7

You have to like the amped up intensity for WrestleMania, but I hope John Cena is as teflon as they think he is. I really wonder if anyone other than maybe The Rock himself would allow himself to be booked in such a manner as Cena’s been booked these last few weeks. Well, last week’s…

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