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PREMIER VIII: Kratos Vs Lewis Live Coverage

Premier VIII officially kicks off WrestleMania craziness in the Bay Area. We’ll have live coverage of the event.

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PREMIER: Sledge Vs. Cobb Recap

On Sunday evening at the I F D E S Lodge-Portuguese Hall in Gilroy, CA, Premier held their anniversary show. I’ve been to their last three shows and each was entertaining, yet in different ways. The first show (Cobb vs. Tannen) was my introduction to the Premier style which is to present wrestling as a…

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Premier: Mr. Athletic Vs. Old School Report

On Sunday evening in Gilroy, California, Premier put on their last show of 2013. It was a slightly different show than Premier: Cobb Vs. Tannen which was in late September. On that show, the early matches built up to the last three matches which were all action packed and hard hitting. On Sunday, the entire…

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