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Skip Sheffield

Guest Post – Don Cameron On SummerSlam

Don Cameron may start writing here at FGB and he sent me some feedback on last night’s SummerSlam, which pretty much mirrors mine. You may be seeing more of Don around here. Thumbs in the middle, leaning down Best match — What 95% of everybody else is going to say: Team Raw… er, I mean…

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2010 SummerSlam – The Nexus Vs. Team Raw (Daniel Bryan Returns)

This is WWE’s most important PPV since WrestleMania. The Nexus angle has been one of the better things in WWE in a while and it feels kind of edgy. Since when has WWE felt edgy? Along with Nexus, The Miz is over like hot cakes, Sheamus has done a great job as champion, and even…

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WWE NXT Roster And Mentors

Big D and I wondered about WWE NXT and though we didn’t actually predict what the show was going to be, we definitely threw out the idea that we could see a seasonal Tough Enough kind of show a few weeks back on FGB Radio. Earlier today Brian Fritz wrote about the concept and some…

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