Rizin Fighting Federation – Breakfast With Fedor Play By Play

Breakfast with Fedor

It’s time for Breakfast with Fedor!

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Strikeforce – Paul Daley Vs. Nick Diaz

This is the second Strikeforce show under the Zuffa banner, but the first main show. Dana White is there as you can tell by the photo with he, Lorenzo, and Scott Coker. This would’ve been pretty unreal just a few months ago.

Looks like we’re starting with Lyle Beerbohm vs. Shinya Aoki.

1. Lyle Beerbohm vs. Shinya Aoki

Aoki got an early takedown and immediately got his back and sunk in a rear naked choke. He was also cranking his neck at the same time.

Winner: Shinya Aoki by way of 1st round submission

2. Keith Jardine vs. Gegard Mousasi

Jardine looked good early on as he was keeping pressure on Mousasi and even scored a takedown. Mousasi started to get inside and was getting the better of the exchanges. Jardine looked in trouble, but scored a takedown. Mousasi had an illegal upkick as Jardine wasn’t upright. A point was taken away from Mousasi. Even with the two takedowns, I’d have to give the round to Mousasi because his striking did damage to Jardine. Jardine looks like he’s going to go down at some point. Because of the point deduction, I’d score it 9-9.
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Aftermath – UFC 125 & Dynamite!! 2010

What a weekend last weekend was for MMA. If you had HDNet, you could’ve watched the marathon-like Dynamite!! 2010 show and then followed it up with the UFC 125 show and the epic Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard title fight.

We’ll start with the Dynamite!! show and then move onto UFC 125.

Dynamite!! 2010

Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Bibiano Fernandes (although Tetsuya Yamato vs. Akiyo Nishiura was very good)
Worst Fight: Jason High vs. Hasato Sakurai

If a show lasts 7 hours, and the time flies and I never lose interest then it’s an automatic thumbs up!!! Just an awesome awesome presentation. No blowaway fight which is disappointing when there are 15 fights on the show, but still, a good 12 of them were very enjoyable. Highlights for me included Takaya winning a good main event, Overeem looking like the biggest beast ever, the Aoki fight with the Cosplay dude(tte), Miyata’s German Suplexes, the damn heelish boxer and of course Trigg In A Wig.

Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Kyotaro vs. Gegard Mousasi
Worst Fight: Hiroshi Izumi vs. Minowaman

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Dynamite!! 2010 – Todd Duffee Vs. Alistair Overeem

Seven hours of MMA madness. No introduction is necessary. Let’s get to it.

The opening of the show featured singers congregating in gospel-like fashion singing, “Oh Happy Day”. On the big screen was clips from other Dream shows and also clips of Dream fighters fighting at Strikeforce. And then the fighters were allowed a couple seconds of screen time to show off their dance moves. Satoshi Ishii did a move where he grabbed his crotch and swiveled his hips like he was a modern day Ravishing Rick Rude.

The announcers are Frank Trigg and Michael Schiavello, aka The Voice.

Looks like the Bob Sapp fight is off. The excuse is that he lost his will to fight. Ha! Sounds like it’s a last minute contract renegotiation.

1. Andy Ologun vs. Katsuaki Furuki

Furuki is a former baseball player. This fight is three, five minute rounds.

The fight started in the clinch with Furuki throwing short, inside punches, but taking nasty knees to his midsection from Ologun. Olugun knocked him woozy with a stiff straight right and Furuki didn’t know where he was. He was throwing back, but they were loopy punches that had no chance. Ologun fell backwards with a guillotine while Furuki’s nose was bleeding all over the mat. Furuki got out of the submission and then quickly got into the mount. Furuki is tough, though out of his league here so far.

Furuki got a takedown from the clinch, but Ologun reversed position. Furuki worked on a kimura for a couple of minutes and Ologun fought it the entire way. With just over 30 seconds left, Ologun reversed him, but Furuki locked in a triangle just as the bell rang. Furuki might be winning this fight now.

Furuki was impressive in staying on top of Ologun, but caught a nasty right hand near the end of the round.

Winner: Andy Ologun by decision

Furuki is going to need some stitches over his left eye. You can see the insides of his eye brow.

2. Kazuyuki Miyata vs. Caol Uno

Miyata came out to a blending of Tupac Shakur with the instrumental to Eye Of The Tiger. That’s a win.

Uno won the first five minutes with some great in and out striking. He was landing punches and inside leg kicks. He’s wearing some sort of knee sleeve/pad and some wicked gold shoes.
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The Aftermath – Strikeforce: Nashville

To say that Strikeforce Nashville wasn’t well-liked by the FGB crew would be a severe understatement. Based on the feedback, except for Alan and I, no one enjoyed a thing about it.

Here’s what we had to say about the show:

Thumbs Down
Best Fight: N/A
Worst Fight: Every fight

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Strikeforce Nashville Play By Play – Dan Henderson Vs. Jake Shields

The show starts with a long intro from Gus Johnson, Mauro Ranello, and Frank Shamrock, but there’s a bed of annoying music playing underneath. It makes everything they say sound so hokey. The little jingle is going to be in my head all day long.

1. King Mo vs. Gegard Mousasi

Mo’s goal was to get the takedown off the bat and he succeeded, but according to the announcers, Mousasi said he wanted the fight going there so Mo could tire himself out. Mousasi’s corner said that Mo was so tired already that they could see his heart beating outside of his back. Whatever that means. Mo won the round as he got two takedowns, but Mousasi looked very comfortable from his back. Mo was aggressive, but never fell into his guard. He was throwing shots from up top and never really got inside.

The second round was very similar. Mo immediately scored a takedown, but he couldn’t do anything from his top position. Mousasi was tagging him from the bottom. But Mo stayed aggressive even though he was eating punches and upkicks. Mousasi got his back late in the round, but couldn’t finish the choke before the round ended.

They started the round on their feet and both guys were getting shots in, but Mousasi’s looked a little sharper and Mo did look a bit tired. The fight went back to the ground with a leg trip from Mo and he kept on it and actually looked like the less tired fight from the top, which wasn’t the case in the first two rounds. Either Mousasi is playing possum or Mo has tired him out. Mo’s up two rounds to one.

This is a pretty interesting fight because of the styles and experience, but I wonder how the casuals see it. I have a feeling they see this as a boring fight. They both didn’t do much this round. Mo got the takedown and Mousasi worked from his back. Neither really advanced their position and they just seemed tired. I’m not exactly sure what Mousasi is trying to do. He’s letting this fight slip away. The announcers are trying to tell us that Mousasi is doing work from his back, but really, Mo is in the dominant position, pushing the pace, and making this fight go the way he wants it to go.

Mo started the fifth with another takedown. Big John docked Mousasi a point for throwing an upkick while Mo was on his knees. I don’t think he even touched him. Mo’s just using his wrestling skill now to push Mousasi around on his back. Mousasi got back up and Mo put him back down. Mo fought a brilliant fight. And he’s going to win it. This is a much more dominating performance to upset a champion than Frankie Edgar beating BJ, but, they did similar things. They both stayed in their lane, forced the fight to their style, and didn’t allow the champion to get comfortable at all.

Winner: King Mo by unanimous decision

Mo won 49-45 on all three scorecards which is exactly what I had.

2. Shinya Aoki vs. Gilbert Melendez
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