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Sharmar Bailey

UFC 139 Undercard Results With Live Thoughts

While I’m not live at UFC 139, Cactus Jim is and he’s sent in his thoughts of the fights and things we may not discern from watching the Facebook fights. 1. Danny Castillo defeated Sharmar Bailey by 1st round TKO Cactus Jim says: Probably about 30 percent full. Good reaction for the first fight. The…

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The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 – Team Lesnar Vs. Team Dos Santos Episode 8

Now that the wild card round is over, the first two quarterfinal fights are up tonight. Sharmar Bailey thinks he overtrained and hurt his back. He’s fighting Chris Cope. JDS says that his guy Ramsey is going to beat Clay for sure. Dana brings Brian Stann to talk to the fighters. Stann says Marines are…

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