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Shane McMahon

Raw Thoughts – HHH Saves Steph And Spits On Everyone

We finally had a Raw show that was worth paying attention to as they set up three big matches for Wrestlemania. It’s not like we haven’t seen these matches before, and it’s not like based on No Way Out that they seemed to be setting up something else, but at least we have a plan….

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2009 WWE No Way Out Live Play By Play – Two Championship Elimination Chambers

Tonight, there are two championship elimination chamber matches. Hopefully, by the end of the night, we’ll have a good idea where everything is going when it comes to Wrestlemania. Like last year, the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match is going to open the show. 1. Undertaker vs. The Big Show vs. Kozlov vs. Triple H vs….

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Rear Naked Ramblings – Margarito, Mosley, Money May, And RAW

I haven’t been out of the loop these past few days, but I haven’t posted much either. Why not just bring back the ramblings? News and notes in the world of boxing and pro wrestling… Margarito Is Suspended For One Year The Boxing Bulletin has a nice piece on Antonio Margarito being suspended by the…

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Big D looks at 20 Years of SummerSlam History

Tomorrow night, WWE celebrates 21 years of SummerSlam, the “biggest party of the summer” as they’ve been calling recently. There have been 20 SummerSlam Events since 1988. But were all of them really worthy of being called the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th best PPV of the year? Absolutely not. So today I’ve decided to take…

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Random Wrestling Thoughts – Mick Foley’s Boots

Every week I will try look at Raw, ECW, TNA, and Smackdown and give my thoughts. These are just my thoughts ladies and gentlemen, just my thoughts. Random wrestling thoughts for the week of July 28, 2008: Raw What’s up with chuckling Big Dave? This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5

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