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Shane McMahon

2022 Royal Rumble Live Coverage – Ronda Rousey Is Back

The Royal Rumble is here and there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Ronda Rousey coming back. Dave Meltzer and I talked about it last night on Wrestling Observer Radio. It looks like Ronda is going to be here for a little while longer than originally thought. Steven Conway put together our Guide To The Royal…

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Hell in a Cell Recap: This Time, It Makes Sense!

WWE’s annual October event, Hell in a Cell, often feels like the most forced show of the year. The titular cell was introduced to WWE audiences in 1997 as the ultimate feud ending battle. We would witness bloodbaths like Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels or car crashes like Undertaker vs. Mankind or… well, another bloodbath with…

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Raw Underground, We Hardly Knew Ye | How WWE’s latest MMA knock off missed the mark

Dearly beloved, we’re gathered here today to remember the life and times of Raw Underground, the show within the show of Monday Night Raw which was cancelled following a roughly seven week run during the 10 o’clock hour of RAW over the late summer. The show, hosted by relative unknown Shane McMahon, was WWE’s attempt…

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WWE Fastlane Live Coverage – Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte

Check out our WWE Fastlane live coverage featuring Becky Lynch vs Charlotte.

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Survivor Series Live Coverage – Daniel Bryan Vs Brock Lesnar

Check out our Survivor Series live coverage with Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar and Charlotte facing Ronda Rousey.

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The Fight Game Podcast – Mayweather, Crown Jewel, Lesnar, Wrestle Kingdom 13, Impact & Topanga! (Ep. 47)

John and GG discussed Floyd, Brock, Crown Jewel, Topanga, and more! Subscribe: Stitcher / Google Play / SoundCloud / RSS

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