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Selcuk Aydin

FGB Radio – RAW 1000 Recap & UFC On Fox 4 Preview

Jason Hagholm, aka @dadrrtywhyteboi (or dadrrtyTOUTboi) and I are back for our fifth show in five weeks. We go over RAW 1000 in detail. One of us hated the show while one of us really liked it. We talk about all the angles, what worked, and where they’re going. Jason really hated the Tout stuff,…

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Showtime Boxing – Selcuk Aydin Vs. Robert Guerrero Play By Play

The Robert Guerrero story is really an amazing one. His wife Casey has gone through a couple bouts of cancer and thanks to a bone marrow transplant, which was only a 50/50 chance for success, she’s healthy. He put his career on the back burner for his family, but now, his career is ready to…

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