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Scott Steiner

Looking Back – Clash Of The Champions XIV: Dixie Dynamite

Check out John LaRocca’s look back at Clash Of The Champions XIV: Dixie Dynamite.

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Top Five – Cro Cop Avenges Another Loss

There weren’t any terribly big shows this week, but there was still some good stuff for the Top Five.

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Detailed Live Thoughts from TNA’s Turning Point 2009

So last Sunday, Big D made his long awaited return to the Impact Zone for the TNA Turning Point 2009 PPV. I was excited for the double main event and the new direction that TNA is going in with regards to pushing young guys, so I figured I’d go back and return once more. While…

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TNA Victory Road was anything BUT a Victory…

In what said to be an absolutely terrible pay per view show, TNA Victory Road ended with the Main Event Mafia revealing a new member as well as holding all of the gold, as if it really mattered. Kurt Angle defeated Mick Foley in a contest that would’ve meant a lot ten years ago (and…

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Wrestlemania IX – The Worst Wrestlemania Ever?

Alan and I have differing opinions on this show. He actually liked it while I hated it. I’ll sprinkle in some of his thoughts as we go. The Hulk Hogan era was supposed to be over. The WWF was slowly changing the guard. They were trying to change what they had ingrained into fans on…

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DVD Spotlight: Big D Reviews WWE Royal Rumble 2003

This was originally written for Epinions.com on July 10th, 2004. Typically in World Wrestling Entertainment, tradition is usually kept intact, even though there are a few notably disgusting moments within the company’s history of violating tradition and it’s principles. However, one of the WWE’s most time-honered traditions have been the Royal Rumble match and event….

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