The Raw Rerun – Daniel Bryan Is Stripped Of His WWE Championship

Daniel Bryan is stripped

I did not watch the Night Of Champions PPV. I instead sat through the horrific football game in which my San Francisco 49ers were dropped on their collective heads by the Seattle Seahawks. But I still think it was the right call. Night Of Champions had a sniff of unimportance and if there was a passable show, it was going to be this one. And based on the feedback, it doesn’t sound like my perception was incorrect.

Tonight’s show was really good in getting the main storyline over, but it does feel a little bit like the storyline is standing still, or maybe advancing at a snail’s like pace. That’s either going to be a really good thing, or they’re going to miss the boat. We’ll have to see.

Daniel Bryan is stripped of his WWE Championship

Right at the top of the show, Triple H stripped Daniel Bryan of his WWE Championship because of a fast-count by referee Scott Armstrong. The way it was painted early on was that Armstrong and Triple H set up the situation as a fool proof plan to keep the belt off Bryan. Armstrong was called out and he whispered to Bryan in front of HHH, “They got us Daniel.” HHH was trying to paint Bryan as the cheater. Continue reading

WWE Pre-WrestlMania XXVI Cut List

Big D has been keeping you up to date on the latest WWE cuts. Rather than continuing to create new posts on the new releases, we’re just going to keep updating this post with the dates in which the news is released.

Paul Burchill
Shane Helms

Maria Kanellis
Scott Armstrong

Charlie Haas

Fourth WWE Release

According to PWInsider, World Wrestling Entertainment also released former pro wrestler turned referee Scott Armstrong today. Armstrong will most likely be remembered as the son of Bullet Bob Armstrong and the brother of BG James a.k.a. The Road Dog. He worked as enhancement talent in WCW as well.

This appears to be the end of the releases for today.