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Ryan Coyne

The Contender Season 4 – Episode 12

The Contender Season 4 Finale MGM Foxwoods Casino, Connecticut 25th February 2009 Rico Hoye (22-3) vs. Akinyemi “AK” Laleye (12-2) The live broadcast opened with Rico Hoye taking on Akinyemi “AK” Laleye over eight rounds in the Bronze medal match. AK started off fast, closing down Rico, and throwing a lot of powerful shots on…

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The Contender Season 4 – Episode 9

Troy has established himself as the man to beat with two impressive knock outs in his first two fights. Tommy Brooks tells him that this tournament is now his for the taking. The pressure is now really on for the other contenders, particularly AK and Alfredo – one of whom will go on to fight…

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The Contender Season 4 – Episode 7

This week we have the final two first round match ups. The gold team is up 4-2 thus far, winning four straight after having suffered back to back defeats at the start of the series. The blue team is demoralized after yet another loss. The pressure is on Ryan and Mike to turn the ship…

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