Video – CM Punk Fan Loses It

I found this on Big D’s Facebook page earlier today and I had to share it here.

This poor young man just loses it after watching CM Punk lose to The Rock last night at The Royal Rumble. Did he not know that Rock was heavily favored to win? Was he holding his title belt for good luck? I enjoyed his shirt at least.

FGB Radio – Royal Rumble Recap & UFC 156 Preview



Jason aka @dadrrtywhyteboi, and I are joined by Big D from Superfriends Universe as well as this very website to discuss Sunday night’s Royal Rumble featuring CM Punk defending his title against the Rock as well as the 30-man over the top battle royal.

We talked about WWE’s decision to put the belt on Rock and setup what looks to be another Rock vs. John Cena match. We talk about long-term booking and how we always want wrestling companies to do it and then when we disagree with their planning, we don’t want them to anymore. We talk about the rumble match itself including the surprises like Chris Jericho, Goldust, and the Godfather.

We talk about the rest of the card including the brilliant job The Big Show is doing in helping getting Alberto Del Rio over as a babyface.

Big D leaves us and Jason and I talk the UFC on Fox 6 show from Saturday and whether or not headlining with flyweights is going to work. We then preview the main card at UFC 156, which is the day before the Super Bowl.

We finish with our Super Bowl picks. It’s 49ers vs. Ravens, and you know who I’m picking.

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2013 Royal Rumble – The Rock Vs. CM Punk Play By Play



It’s Royal Rumble time. We made our predictions earlier in the week. It’s go time.

The World Title match opens the show.

1. Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio – Last Man Standing

Before the match, Bret Hart showed up in the back, called Del Rio the Mexican Bret Hart, and then gave Ricardo some glasses.

It’s a bit odd to watch such a big guy do lucha spots, and while I haven’t been a big fan of Del Rio’s face turn, he does have some fire. The San Jose crowd didn’t seem to buy him.

But they booked him perfectly in this match. Big Show is so good at being a bully. He toss Del Rio from the stage to a table below and Del Rio looked to conk his head. But he got up at the 9 1/2 count.

The finish was unique. Del Rio had Show in the arm bar and Ricardo duct taped Show’s feet to the ropes. Del Rio let go and Show then had to try and get up. He couldn’t. The match was good and while the ending may not have been what gets Del Rio over, it was entertaining. Del Rio looked good in his role.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

2. The Rhodes Scholars vs. Team Hell No
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Ariel Helwani Interviews CM Punk Again

Punk and HelwaniA year ago, Ariel Helwani interviewed CM Punk from his home. A year later, they are back together in a very interesting interview.

Punk comes across much more like Bret Hart than I ever imagined because of how much he believes in himself. And I’m not saying that as a bad thing.

Helwani hits at many things including how he believes Punk is outclassing The Rock so far, MMA fandom, and why MMA fans seem to root for him more than anyone else.

For now, click here to watch it on MMA Fighting.

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Who Wins The Royal Rumble?

Rumble Winners

That’s quite the group of Royal Rumble winners. Who will win the big match this weekend and earn themselves a shot at either the World Title or the WWE Title? There doesn’t seem to be too many sure bets this year. The FGB crew and friends along with Stevie J from Angry Marks and Suwan from Booker Tea predicted the winner of the 2013 edition.

After we made our picks, we brainstormed about what could happen if the WWE decided to think a little bit outside the box. Take a look at the wild stuff we came up with after the predictions.

Royal Rumble Predictions

Duan: John Cena
Why? because WWE is incapable of thinking outside the box. Rock wins the title, Cena wins the Rumble, everybody else yawns.

Alan: John Cena
It’s obvious and it’s boring but my pick is Cena.

Cadillac Don: John Cena
They’re pushing it to look like Cena is going to win, and for storyline reasons it works. But I could also see Big Show or Sheamus winning. Hopefully if everybody picks Cena he won’t win. Right?
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FGB Radio Part 2 – Royal Rumble Preview + Steel Horse Vachon

Rock/PunkBig D (@EmperorBigD) joins Jason aka @dadrrtywhyteboi, and I to preview the Royal Rumble.

We first discuss Rock vs. Punk week 2 and give our thoughts on the Rock Concert. We talk about what they should do Monday for the go-home angle.

We talk about who the possible contenders are to win the Royal Rumble match (hint: there aren’t many) and then think about where things may go for WrestleMania.

We talk about the rest of the booked matches on the Rumble card and give our overall predictions on the Punk vs. Rock match.

Big D also chimes in about a local indy wrestler named Steel Horse Vachon.

This is part two of a two-parter. Here’s part one.

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