Top Five – Stone Cold Steve Austin Says He Isn’t Wrestling Brock Lesnar

Steve Austin says he isn't wrestling Brock Lesnar

What were the top stories last week?

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UFC Fight Night: Nogueira Vs. Nelson Live Coverage

nogueira vs. nelson

Photo via MMA Mania

This is a Fight Pass only show from Abu Dhabi and while it’s not a big time card with a huge main event, there are some interesting match-ups and fan favorites fighting. It should be a fun show.

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Buy Or Fly – UFC 161

Via MMA Canada

Via MMA Canada

With so many UFC shows these days, even as a hardcore fan, I feel like I have to pick and choose. There are some easy buys with UFC shows. Most Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Georges St. Pierre shows fall into that boat. I love watching excellence. But there are also other shows not headlined by those guys that are must buys and it has to do with great match-ups on paper. However, it wasn’t too many years ago that it was a given that I was going to pay for any UFC PPV.

Because it’s not a must-buy show, It wanted to look at UFC 161 to see if on paper, it’s worth purchasing. The reason I say on paper is because on paper, UFC 160 was a fly for me, but the show was actually really good according to all. But, we don’t have that hindsight when we plunk down our $55. Continue reading

Video – The Ultimate Fighter Season 16 Finale Highlights

There were a few things noteworthy about this show:

Melvin Guillard vs. Jaime Varner was cancelled because Varner was ill (some say it was possibly from his weight cut).

Pat Barry had a highlight real knockout of Shane Del Rosario.

Colton Smith went takedown heavy on Mike Ricci to win the TUF championship.

And Big Roy Nelson put a befuddled Matt Mitrione out by knockout in the first round of their fight.