Greatest Lightweights In Boxing History: Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker

18 Nov 1995: Pernell Whitaker and Jake Rodriguez are ready for action during the bout. Whitaker won the fight with a knockout in the sixth round. Mandatory Credit: Al Bello /Allsport

Robert checks in with the second greatest lightweight of all time, Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker.

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Mayweather-Cotto 24/7: Episode 3 Recap

The show stars off with Floyd Mayweather doing a 5K run for Habitat For Humanity, in which he also donated 100,000 dollars. There was a Filipino person he was cheering on and he called him Pacquiao. I knew that was coming and I still laughed. It was wrong for me to laugh, yes I know.

He and 50 Cent went shopping and ended up buying Miss Jackson two pairs of shoes for 10,800 dollars. And yes, he paid in cash.

Miguel Cotto’s team is doing some lactic acid test by taking blood from his ear to test his muscle fatigue. Cotto’s trainer says he’s in optimal shape and he believes they’ll win. Cotto is trying to earn some praise from his trainer by telling him he knows he’s doing well.

Mayweather brings up last week’s episode where Cotto and his buddy Bryan Perez mentioned that they sleep in the same bed together. Mayweather pulled out some money and said he wanted Cotto to sleep comfortable because he’s going to make him uncomfortable.

Roger Mayweather says he’s sharper for this fight than for any fight except for maybe the Diego Corrales fight. Mayweather says something really interesting. He says that he thinks he has five fights left. His uncle says he’s fighting more accurately. Mayweather says it’s hard to fight accurately because he’s fighting all on PPV and it takes 6 months to build a fight, meaning he’s fighting sporadically and it’s hard to stay sharp when you’re not as active.

Cotto says he’s prepared for a tough 12 rounds. Mayweather gets his pupils dilated and can’t see well, but I guess he doesn’t have to see well to hit the speed bag.

The Verdict: There’s a neat juxtaposition of Floyd Mayweather. All we see is him clowning around. But the conversation with his uncle says that he might be close to his top level ever. I don’t get that with Cotto even though his trainer pretty much says the same thing. But all the trainer changes, even after his recent success says something. Cotto has a few constants in his life and he’s close to those people. Otherwise, he doesn’t seem to be close to many, including his new trainer. I’m more convinced today that Mayweather wins this fight. Maybe we’ll see something different next week.

24/7 Mayweather/Ortiz Episode 3

Floyd’s mad that Victor Ortiz’s story is getting so much attention. He’s also upset that Ortiz idolizes De La Hoya because of all of De La Hoya’s problems.

Roger says Floyd is more than ready while Floyd sips on his Mountain Dew soda and hits the speed bag one-handed.

Ortiz shows up at a local block party on his time away from training. He’s also a celebrity ambassador for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Ortiz’s favorite basketball team is the Boston Celtics. Um, how?

Both guys host public workouts with the media. It’s the most media that’s ever covered Ortiz. Floyd says he wishes his dad well. He also doesn’t like hearing about Ortiz’s story and says he had a tough childhood too.

Floyd trades his Bentley for another white Rolls Royce. Ray J (Brandy’s brother) comes over to play the piano and sing for Floyd.

Danny Garcia and his two sons watch video of Floyd’s fight against Ricky Hatton and they think he’s a dirty fighter and that his best shot is an elbow, while Victor’s best shot is everything.

Steve Forbes is brought in to spar with Victor to be a Mayweather mimic. He was De La Hoya’s last win, basically to be the same thing before his fight with Mayweather.

Mayweather has a Skype session with soldiers in Afghanistan. He gives them a tour of his mansion, losing connection a few times.

Victor took a day off from training even though the coaches didn’t want him to. They decide to go fishing. Ortiz has built up quite the disdain for Mayweather in these last two episodes.

This was the worst episode of the three as nothing really happened. One thing I really noticed was that Ortiz’s hand speed is crazy fast, but it might simply be him putting on the after burners for the cameras. His shot is using those fast hands to hit Mayweather with something solid. Otherwise, he might be tied up in knots.

24/7 Mayweather/Ortiz Episode 1

24/7 is back and none other than Floyd Mayweather is involved, so you know it’s going to be good. Let’s just hope Victor Ortiz can stay with him. Ortiz has a fantastic story.

Mayweather says no athlete works harder than him, let alone any boxer.

The Ortiz brothers work together to get Victor ready. So it’s the Team Ortiz vs. Team Mayweather too. His brother Temo says that he and Victor were inseparable. Temo says that one day, his mother asked him what would happen if she left the boys. He said she would never leave. And then she left. And then, their dad left them and they had to fend for themselves for three years before going to a foster family.

Victor went to Buck Avila to train boxing and he was very emotional about it. They showed Buck’s wife so it looks like he’s passed.

50 Cent is back with Team Money. Floyd says there’s so many people on his team that he doesn’t know everyone’s name. Roger doesn’t believe in scouting Victor Ortiz. Floyd Sr. is back too. Floyd Sr. says he’s the motivator, innovator, creator of it all since 1971. He says blood is thicker than mud.
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