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Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa – It’s A Fight | The Rocky Podcast

Subscribe: Stitcher / Google Play / Simplecast / RSS Duan and GG are co-hosts of a nine episode miniseries called The Rocky Podcast where they review every single Rocky movie in heavy detail. They discuss their favorite scenes and quotes. They talk about the music, the boxing, and the montages. They ask questions about the…

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Photo – Jones Vs Gustafsson Is The New Creed And Balboa

At the end of the original Rocky, after Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed destroy each other for fifteen rounds, Creed tells Balboa, “Ain’t gonna be no rematch.” Balboa growls back, “Don’t want one.” After Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson beat each other up for five straight rounds, they both looked like they’d been in a…

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Video – Hogan And Sting Get Too Close For Comfort

In a sport/show where guys wrestle around in their underwear and put moves and holds on each other, I can see where it can be a little homo-erotic. But there are other times when things go a little weird. I watched Impact last week and noticed that Hulk Hogan and Sting had a moment. I’m…

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