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Rika Tatsumi

Five Star Joshi || Rika Tatsumi and Miu Watanabe have Max Heart

Welcome! This is a weekly insight into the world of joshi pro wrestling, discussing the shows, the best matches to watch, what wrestler(s) stood out, and a look ahead at what’s to come. It goes hand-in-hand with the Five Star Joshi Podcast, which you can listen to every Friday on Fight Game Media Network +! THOUGHTS OF THE WEEK The thoughts are more…

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Best of Joshi: Must-see matches, July 23–July 29, 2021

If you have been listening to the Five Star Joshi Podcast on Fight Game Media’s Patreon, you may be wondering what matches that we reviewed are truly worth going out of the way to watch and why. Well beginning this week, here’s an in-depth look at the must-see matches from all of joshi pro wrestling….

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