The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 Finale – Keith Jardine Vs. Matt Hamill Play By Play

This seems like one of the weaker TUF finale cards. From the show, Jamie Yager and Rich Attonito are going to fight in addition to the Court McGee and Kris McCray final, but no one else is on the main card. And I’m not too excited about Jardine/Hamill, even though it should be a good fight. Jardine is either going to leg kick Hamill to death, or get hit on the button and go down.

Chuck Liddell is also scheduled to be at the show only one week after his loss to Rich Franklin.

Ken Florian is with Mike Goldberg tonight.

1. Rich Attonito vs. Jamie Yager

Yager is more active and at times, too quick for Attonito with his quick kicks and good movement. Attonito shot in for a takedown and Yager kept it upright. Yager’s boxing is odd and he leaves himself open by throwing loopy punches, but Attonito hasn’t been able to take advantage of it yet.

Attonito landed some hard shots that looked to break Yager, much like he was broken in the fight he lost during the season. He shot in for the takedown and got it. He quickly got Yager’s back and went for a rear naked choke. He didn’t get it, but he eventually flattened him out and finished him with strikes to the side of the head while he was laying on his stomach.

Winner: Rich Attonito by way of 2nd round TKO

2. Dennis Siver vs. Spencer Fisher

I know I’ve said this before, but Siver looks like a midget Brock Lesner. Siver is more robotic in his striking while Fisher is in and out with feints and lots of side to side movement. Siver’s left eye was cut somehow and it’s a big cut. Siver is also throwing high kicks, but Fisher sees them coming.

It looks like the cut was from an accidental headbutt. Much better round for Siver and he might’ve eked it out. He was starting to land his right hand which was opening up even more room for his front kicks. Fisher landed some good shots as well and started to land body kicks.

This is such a close round. For the first three minutes, I thought it was Siver’s round, but Fisher might’ve done more enough at the end of this round to take it. It’s very close to what I’d score a 10-10 round. Siver shot in right as the bell rang to end the match, and it’s probably something he could’ve done earlier in the round to steal it.

Winner: Dennis Siver

The scores were 30-27, 29-28, and 29-28. I thought the first round was Fisher all the way.

3. Aaron Simpson vs. Chris Leben

Typical Leben fight – Simpson out-wrestled him and out-struck him too. He was way more active and Leben’s defense was to use his face to block his punches. You know Leben wants to unload with that big left hand, but until then, he’s taking some decent shots.
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The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 – Team Liddell Vs. Team Ortiz Episode 4

Team Ortiz is upset at Yager for cheering on his friend Tavares, who is on the opposition.

He, Tavares, Kris McCray, and Kyle Noke put themselves in a group called The Minority Report. Just wait until one of them has to fight one another.

Chuck picks Rich to fight Kyacey. Kyacey is the most veteran fighter of the entire crop of guys.

Kyacey is going to be a father and the child will be born before the season is over.

Rich Attonito has about 15 nicknames. John Hackelman says that Rich could be number one on the whole show. Chuck can’t be there for the fight.

Kyacey thought Yager took his sweat shirt, but it wasn’t him, yet he still blamed him for it. Yager is so easy to hate, but it wasn’t really his fault. He didn’t do the crime. Sam Hager thinks it’s bullshit.

I hope they’re showing this to us because these guys eventually fight down the line. If not, it’s kind of a waste.

Rich Attonito vs. Kyacey Uscola

Wow, what a first round. Uscola was dropped and then dumped on his head. But he finally got control, but then kneed Attonito twice while he had one knee down. Attonito looked out. Uscola was disqualified. He was livid.

Winner: Rich Attonito by disqualification

Kyacey was calling for Rich to get up and fight. He said he wanted to see the replay because it was his life.

Tito decided to take it to the door. He gave the poor door a Macho Man Randy Savage double axe-handle.

Rich broke his hand in the fight and won’t be able to fight again.

Since Team Liddell has control, Chuck picks Jamie Yager to fight his boy Charlie Blanchard. Yager is only about 5 inches taller than Blanchard. Of course, just like every other time, Tito likes the match-up.

Yager says that once you get past the facade, he’s a real genuine person. Tito says he came from nothing so he’s always defensive. Tito says he did too. No wonder they’re both assholes.

This has to be a short fight because the show is almost over.

Charlie Blanchard vs. Jamie Yager
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