ROH Best In The World Live Coverage – Christopher Daniels Vs Cody Rhodes

best in the world

Check out our Best In The World live coverage.

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Ring Of Honor Final Battle 2016 Live Coverage – Adam Cole Vs Kyle O’Reilly

Final Battle 2016

Check out our Final Battle 2016 live coverage.

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Full Impact Pro – Fallout 2009 Live Report

Full Impact Pro returned to Crystal River, Florida and presented their “Fallout 2009” event, headlined by two steel cage matches (as if we don’t have enough of those this weekend) for the two top championships in the company and to settle feuds and there were a few surprising twists along the way. Ron Bass was there also signing autographs and taking pictures.

Johnathan Gold welcomed us as usual and put over the double cage main event.

Match #1: Caleb Konley defeated QC Marshall. This was the first time that I’d ever seen either of these two (keep in mind, I have not attended an FIP show since February and have only read results since). Caleb Konnely is your basic undercard babyface and kind of reminds me of a 2005 Chris Sabin. QC Marshall plays a borderline-gay gimmick where he dresses in all pink, wears a boa, and calls himself “the man with the sexiest face”. A decent opener. Caleb won with a unique move where he half-applied a cobra clutch, then dropped QC’s head over his knee. (*1/2)

Johnathan Gold put over the 2009 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Tournament show in November, an annual Florida event that is usually very good and features a good crop of indy talent.

Match #2: Bruce Santee defeated Slyck Sweezy. Bruce Santee is a very popular indy worker in Florida, but I’d never seen Slyck Sweezy before. Slyck came out with some of the most unusual ring gear I’d ever seen; lime green tights, a green jacket, and a green hat. Green was the appropriate word to describe Slyck *rimshot*. No, but seriously, he did fine. Santee got the advantage early and then started to do a series of crazy exercise themed poses, allowing Slyck to get the heat. He beat on him for a bit until Santee hulked up and won with a variation of a side slam. Decent match designed to give Santee some wins. (*3/4)
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