Video – Daniel Bryan Vs. William Regal

In case you missed the fun match between Daniel Bryan and William Regal last night on Raw, I found a version of it on YouTube.

Check it out:

Astronomical Rating for WWE Raw – but Why? Let us know!

Monday’s historic commercial-free edition of WWE Monday Night Raw scored it’s highest rating in quite some time – 4.5. While a part of me is happy for WWE and I’m sure people are doing cartwheels at Titan Tower, I feel they failed to put on a blowaway show. If I have to watch another boring Big Show vs. John Cena match again, I think I may just drop WWE altogether. Orton vs. Triple H was another lackluster match, but nowhere near as terrible as the Wrestlemania match. Still – other than a couple of fun angles – I don’t think the show succeeded in drawing people back next week.

When I think about it, there are numerous reasons as to why the show did such a good number, but I’m not really sure what really pushed it that high. The show had a series of pay-per-view caliber matches in terms of booking (in fact a lot were rematches from the past couple of PPVs and Wrestlemania) as well as the presence of WWE superstars from all three brands. However, the main draw of the show was that it was the first (and we would find out last) night with Donald Trump as the “Owner of Raw”. They did a big press conference and whatnot to build up hype for the show and perhaps that popped the rating and got most of the casual audience to watch.

Therefore, a number of theories pop up as to why this show was so successful in terms of viewership:

– Commercial Free Aspect
– Because of the presence of all three brands
– Because of Orton vs. Triple H on Free TV
– Curiosity views from people who thought Trump bought Raw legitimately
– Other

So us here at FightGameBlog want to hear from YOU – the readership. We appreciate each and every one of you who check out our little site that could and want to hear your thoughts. Tell us what YOU think helped Raw get a 4.5 and why. To answer, click the little comment button underneath this post and let us know! When you click it, it will ask you for your name, e-mail, and website (if you have one) as well as a blank box. Feel free to fill in what you think and let us know (and don’t worry – e-mails are kept private).

Raw Thoughts – I’m Shaking My Head As I Write This

For WWE, Raw serves a few purposes. There are two purposes that are very important to the everyday business. They are also related to each other. One of those is to entertain the viewer and give them a reason to come back and maybe even tell a friend or two. Another purpose is to use the show as a two hour advertisement for the upcoming PPV. By increasing the amount of people who will want to buy your PPV with your TV show, you are earning money for the company.

With last night’s show, they failed tremendously in both purposes. The show started off fine by the further building of Shawn Michaels vs. the Undertaker which at this point might be their only money match. Shawn super-kicked Taker after stealing his upcoming pinfall in a tag match and it was a fun way to open the show and build for Wrestlemania. And then the show fell completely off the cliff.
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Raw Thoughts – A Tale Of Two Title Matches

Last night on Raw, they really moved forward with the top angles on the show. Whereas just a few weeks ago it seemed as if they were moving in slow motion, they’ve definitely kicked it into high gear. What’s intriguing to me is that they’re moving in completely different directions in the two title matches for Wrestlemania, which to me, is a positive.

On one hand, you have the super serious build of Triple H vs. Randy Orton. And on the other hand, you have the semi-humorous angle with John Cena, Big Show, and Edge.

I’m not in love with either storyline thus far, but I will give WWE kudos for not giving us the same build for both matches. But there are major issues here.

Last week, I commended them for giving Orton and HHH a reason to not have to touch each other. The next time they should touch each other would’ve been at Wrestlemania. We would get to see a few weeks of Orton throwing hurdle after hurdle at HHH, trying to make him break, and then we’d get the payoff at Wrestlemania. I didn’t watch all of Smackdown from last week, but as shown on Raw, they went a complete 180 on this. This is what happens when you change your stories. It was idiotic. Tonight, we had Orton at his house playing Brian Pillman, and Stone Cold Triple H breaking into the house and trying to kill Orton. Anyone who’s been watching WWE since 1997 thought they had already seen this before. I loved HHH’s intensity. But what now? What are we waiting for? We’ve seen them destroy each other already. It seems as if they’ll add a stipulation to the Mania match and I’d suggest a cage match, but they don’t usually do cage matches at Mania anymore.
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Raw Thoughts – The Dragon Breathes Fire

I know that I usually talk about Raw on here, but I wanted to start this off by talking about how the ball continues to be dropped in the Raw main event angle between Triple H and Randy Orton. When I first figured out that this is where they were going, I wasn’t too enthralled, but I still figured they’d go all out. But last Friday, they just had Triple H admit that Vince was his father in law, Shane was his brother in law, and Steph was the mother of his children. That’s all. Huh? Where was Orton telling the world that HHH was a liar and asking why he hid his marriage to Stephanie? Where was HHH’s promo saying that he felt that since Steph was a McMahon and someone who is in a managerial position, he didn’t want the world to know? Oh well, I guess the storytelling part of wrestling is just passe. Instead, we just get admissions. Let’s move from A-Z instead of A-B.

Fast forward to Monday and I still don’t really like the angle. HHH chased Legacy around with a sledge hammer and just showed that A) he can’t run and B) he’d be a terrible baseball player. So far, it’s been a waste.

As for the other main event angle, I think they took a step backwards. Last week, John Cena told Edge that he was going to get him. That was all. He was serious. This week, he’s back to telling jokes about Vickie, Big Show, and Edge. I guess they forgot about last week.

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