UFC Fight Night: Nogueira Vs. Nelson Live Coverage

nogueira vs. nelson

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This is a Fight Pass only show from Abu Dhabi and while it’s not a big time card with a huge main event, there are some interesting match-ups and fan favorites fighting. It should be a fun show.

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The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 Finale – Clay Guida Vs. Anthony Pettis Play By Play

If you were to look at this past season of the Ultimate Fighter as a whole, you would’ve probably chosen Tony Ferguson and Ramsey Nijem as two guys who had a great chance to make it to the finale. They also have distinct styles, which makes it an interesting match-up. Ferguson is always looking for the knockout, while Nijem uses his wrestling to wear his opponents down, though, he can put punches together too.

In the main event, Showtime Pettis faces Clay Guida. Pettis was in line for a lightweight championship fight, but when Dana White wanted to see Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard rematch their January draw, Pettis was put on the back burner. This is a great back burner. I haven’t heard one person who isn’t excited for this one.

1. Chris Cope vs. Chuck O’Neil

People are already shouting, “Woo!” for Cope. Cope looks like the bigger and stronger of the two, but he also seems a bit reckless and leaves himself open to getting hit. O’Neil is mostly throwing leg kicks. Cope landed a huge left hook that looked to hurt O’Neil. Cope settled down a bit and looks pretty comfortable. He’s throwing a double jab and following it up with leg kicks, moving in and out. It was a strong first round for Cope.

The second round wasn’t as intense as the first, but it was another decent round for Cope. It was a lot more flash than actual landing like he did in the first round, but he was more active and O’Neil is either tired, or he’s having problems pulling the trigger. Cope has figured out that he’s fighting on the big stage. I’m not sure O’Neil has.

Best shot of the round was a spinning backfist and he followed up with a barrage of shots while O’Neil was covering up. The round started off with a lot of holding against the cage, but Cope became unglued and started landing shots. O’Neil hasn’t figured out how to be the first to engage. Everything he tries to set up is after Cope has engaged first.

Winner: Chris Cope by way of unanimous decision

2. Fabio Maldonado vs. Kyle Kingsbury

Jeezus, Kingsbury looks like a beast in there compared to Maldonado. In the clinch, he threw about 6 knees in a row, which didn’t all land, but just showed how much stronger Kingsbury is. He looks at least 20 pounds heavier. Kingsbury got a takedown, but was put in a tight guillotine that he got out of. Kingsbury’s stand-up is mechanical, while Maldonado’s striking is much more fluid. Maldonado is throwing shots to the body as well. Kingsbury tripped him down and landed some elbows while in Maldonado’s half guard. I think Maldonado came back to win the round, but it was very much back and forth.
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The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 – Team Lesnar Vs. Team Dos Santos Episode 10

This is the final Wednesday show of the season. And I would say that I’m happy the end is near as this wasn’t a terrible season, but even worse, it was just boring. The fights weren’t even all that good. And away, we go.

Tony apologizes and uses the excuse of blacking out, which is sort of like saying he got Twitter hacked.

These must be some long fights because they’re already getting to it.

Chris Cope vs. Ramsey Nijem
Ramsey is quick and aggressive. He immediately charged in and was overwhelming Cope with punches. He stayed on him and pushed him up against the cage. Ramsey just looks better than him at every stage of the game right now.

Ramsey just cracked Cope and wouldn’t stop moving forward. Cope was just overwhelmed and couldn’t take any more of the shots and went down. He might’ve taken some shots to the back of the head. But the ref stopped it ad Ramsey is in the final.

Winner: Ramsey Nijem by way of 2nd round TKO

Tony Ferguson vs. Chuck O’Neil
The first round was all leg kicks and counter punches from Chuck and head movement, lunging hooks, and leg kicks for Tony. Chuck is feeling Tony’s power and Tony’s not all that taken aback by Chuck’s combinations, which he is landing, but he’s not backing him up at all.

The round was more of the same. Tony was supremely confident that Chuck couldn’t hurt him and bloodied Chuck’s nose. Chuck did a good job of sticking a moving and scoring points, but I’m not sure you can give him either round.

Ramsey continued to overwhelm Chuck and stopped him. Chuck can probably move down a weight class as Tony was way too strong for him. Tony set up his strikes perfectly with leg kicks all fight and Chuck was in bad shape. He went down basically from a body shot because he couldn’t stand anymore.

Winner: Tony Ferguson by way of 3rd round TKO

The fight between Tony and Ramsey should actually be really good. The two most impressive guys made it.

After the show, Dana talks about Brock Lesnar’s illness and having to replace him with Shane Carwin.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 – Team Lesnar Vs. Team Dos Santos Episode 8

Now that the wild card round is over, the first two quarterfinal fights are up tonight.

Sharmar Bailey thinks he overtrained and hurt his back. He’s fighting Chris Cope. JDS says that his guy Ramsey is going to beat Clay for sure.

Dana brings Brian Stann to talk to the fighters. Stann says Marines are the toughest guys, but the top level UFC fighters are a close second, helped by their network of people around them. He says it’s important who you surround you with and that success breeds success. Brock is teaching Clay a wizzer counter to the double leg. They keep harping on it that Clay is not a wrestler and Ramsey will immediately want to take him down. Clay is also fighting just one week after dislocating his finger.

Clay Harvison vs. Ramsey Nijem

It took 12 seconds for Ramsey to take Clay down. And he was subbed in 56 seconds. Ramsey mounted him while Clay was on his stomach and he sunk in a rear naked choke.

Winner: Ramsey Nijem by way of 1st round submission

Sharmar says he’s starting to feel better. Chris knows that Sharmar doesn’t like him, but says he likes him. Brock wants Chris to own Burger King, meaning, the middle of the octagon over the Burger King logo so that he doesn’t get tied up against the cage.
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The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 – Team Lesnar Vs. Team Dos Santos Episode 4

Junior says he likes to be under control and is happy to have the control for this fight. Dos Santos’ wrestling coach thinks Brock doesn’t care.

Brock says that he lost his breath a little when he learned that Len lost his fight. He was home tending to personal business and wasn’t able to be at the fight. Brock sees Clay not focusing and he makes him take a five minute break. Brock’s waiting for his guys to seize their opportunity and he’s not seeing it.

Junior Dos Santos chooses Ramsey to face Charlie in a wrestler vs. wrestler battle. Team Lesnar doesn’t look disappointed in the match-up.

Ramsey likes to strip down and run around naked. He says he does it for laughs since they train so hard and you have to make it fun somehow. He’s trying to play the goofball role in hopes that Team Lesnar takes him lightly.

Brock brings Matt Hughes in to work with the guys, but he wasn’t on the show for very long.

Ramsey thinks that Charlie hasn’t had many tough fights. He says that he’s the best and says, “Fu** everyone else.” Brock likes Charlie’s mental toughness. Chuck, who is on his team and is a friend outside of the house, helps Charlie with his diet so that he makes weight and keeps his nutrition up. Chuck thinks Charlie wins by knockout.
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