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Paul London

JP Nichols on Teddy Hart, Bob Saget, and the Dragon Gate Trainwreck

Hey guys, Superfriend JP Nichols typed this up about his experience at the Friday Night DGUSA show. Dragon Gate USA ran in Glendale, AZ in Celebrity Theatre as night one of their Wrestlemania double-shot weekend. Firstly, the results: – In a dark match: Brad Allen won The Dragon Gate Fray. – Yamato defeats Luke Hawx…

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Brian Kendrick Axed

WWE.com is wishing THE Brian Kendrick well in his future endeavors. Does this surprise anybody? This man consecutively did jobs to an over-the-hill Jerry Lawler and to US Champ Kofi Kingston in under 30 seconds. He was doomed from the minute he was drafted to Raw. Why was he fired though? While I may not…

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Dear WWE – Bring Back Tag Team Wrestling

After watching The Hardy Boys take on Miz and Morrison on Tuesday night, I just kind of threw up my hands and thought, “Why don’t we get more tag team matches like this anymore?” Today in WWE, the tag team is usually used as mid card fodder, and only on certain occasions is booked like…

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