Thoughts On The Bryan Danielson Situation

Yesterday, I thought nothing of Bryan Danielson’s tweet saying:

Just changed my twitter name to Bryan Danielson. The winds of change are stirring.

I just figured that WWE was going forward with changing his working name back to the name that made him famous on the indy scene. Daniel Bryan was such a silly name switch anyways.

But I was truly surprised to see that the reason for his twitter name switch was because he was “fired” by WWE. According to Dave Meltzer from The Wrestling Observer/F4WOnline, according to those in WWE, the firing is legitimate.

Within WWE, the word has been sent out internally that the Bryan Danielson firing is legitimate the same way any other firing would be done. All the higher-ups in the company were informed that he was gone before the item that everyone assumes to be a work was put on the web site. It’s difficult to believe given the timing that it could possibly be legitimate. The idea they would work their own employees on a wrestling angle is also hard to fathom given the history of companies that have done that.

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Video – NXT Beats Down John Cena

If you missed last night’s Raw, check out the video of the NXT crew beating down John Cena. It was a great way to close the show, but I can’t say I’m certain they’re going to follow it up correctly.