Former World Champion Gene Kininski passes away

GG and I spoke about this on a recent edition of FGB Radio and the unfortunate has happened. Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Gene Kininski passed away earlier this morning, losing his battle with cancer. He was 81.

He was born right outside of Edmonton, Alberta Canada and played college football and wrestled. Kininski portrayed a villainous heel for most of his career and had a legendary feud with “Whipper” Billy Watson early in his career. Kininski will most be remembered by wrestling fans as the first Canadian man to hold the recognized NWA World Heavyweight Championship and a favorite amongst Canadian sportswriters of the era. He defeated Lou Thesz in 1966 in St. Louis to become the Champion and held the title for three years non-stop until he would lose to Dory Funk Jr in Tampa, Florida at the legendary Armory. He was honored in the 1992 Cauliflower Alley Club festival.

We wish his family the best.

Dear WWE – Bring Back Tag Team Wrestling

After watching The Hardy Boys take on Miz and Morrison on Tuesday night, I just kind of threw up my hands and thought, “Why don’t we get more tag team matches like this anymore?” Today in WWE, the tag team is usually used as mid card fodder, and only on certain occasions is booked like it means something, like Tuesday night, albeit on the third rate show.

I started to think of the guys who are on top today like Edge, who made his name as a tag team wrestler, and even the Undertaker, who got his break as the replacement for Sid Vicious with the Skyscrapers in the NWA. A look further shows that while Dave Batista and HHH weren’t necessarily known as tag team wrestlers, they were part of a team with Evolution and DX. Being a part of a tag team is a great way to get over, and if the teams get over big, guys can become singles stars. So why don’t we have more today?

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