He’s The Booker, I’m The Blogger: Starrcade 1985 Review

Starrcade 85 review

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He’s The Booker, I’m The Blogger: Starrcade 1984 Review

Starrcade 1984 review

This is the second of our “He’s The Booker, I’m The Blogger” feature. This time, we discuss Starrcade 1984. Continue reading

Video Vault – Luger & Sting vs. The Steiner Brothers

I’ve always been a pretty “inside” wrestling fan. One of my early memories is my dad telling me that Hulk Hogan would beat Andre The Giant at Wrestlemania III because he heard that someone bet big money on Hogan. I’d pretty much always known that it was fake. That’s what happens when you have a dad who grew up watching Pepper Gomez and Ray Stevens. He schooled me early on.

Back in 1991, I was decently “in the know” because of a radio show out of LA (I think) hosted by a man named Dynamite D. He wrestled at a place called “Slammers”, which I think was a gym that trained people and also hosted some matches. I don’t remember too much about it, but do remember that the show didn’t broadcast on a radio station that my area would pick up. I was able to pick it up on my television via a cable channel. We had a channel that scrolled a bunch of information, but the background was blue. That’s the channel I would pick up the show on. I think I was able to listen to this show for at least 6 months. Even when I was on vacation, I taped the show and listened back when I got back. I didn’t actually stare at the blue screen. I did other things like read magazines or whatever, but I don’t think I missed a show.

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