Top Five – The Undertaker beats Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam

Brock Lesnar laughing

What were the top stories last week?

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Major Internal Change Within Ring of Honor

Yesterday, I was shocked to learn that Sal Hamaoui has parted ways with Ring of Honor. Hamaoui is the owner of Full Impact Pro and Riot Pro Wrestling in Florida and the World Wrestling Network; the company that produced, edited, and duplicated the DVDs for Ring of Honor, Dave Prazak’s Shimmer Women’s Wrestling, and various other independents, including his own FIP. Now it seems that relationship has been severed.

Exclusive: One source close to the situation which chose to have their name omitted claimed that somebody within Full Impact Pro described it as, and I quote, “I saw the iceberg”, an obvious indication that the World Wrestling Network believes what a lot people believe about the future of ROH – that there is no future. Another source also informed me that it has been talked about internally that several talents from DG USA would work FIP shows in the near-future. Whether this is influence from current DG USA/former FIP booker Gabe Sapolski or Lenny Leonard, I simply cannot say, but as a fan of FIP I can tell you that I loved when they brought in Dragon Gate stars in the past and will love it once they bring them back.

Hamaoui opened Full Impact Pro in 2003 and ran various spot shows in the Florida area. At the time, the booking was primarily done by pro wrestler Jaison Moore and the majority of the talents used were top FL independent names such as Ralph Mosca and former ECW main eventers such as Mike Awesome and New Jack.
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Video Vault – “Sandman wanted to toss my salad”

Our good friend Dr. Keith and Big Vision Video has released a new DVD looking deeply into the mind of Sandman, Raven, as well as guest spots from New Jack, Mustafa, and Terry Funk.

The TRAILER puts me in tears, so the DVD must be the best shit ever.

Go to to pick it up.