Greatest Wrestler Ever Project – 3 Month Update

Greatest Wrestler Ever

Alan updates everyone on where he’s at with the “Greatest Wrestler Ever” project.

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Greatest Wrestler Ever Project – Top 100 Baseline Test

greatest wrestler ever

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2009 Fight Game Blog Awards – Pro Wrestling

This is the pro wrestling installment of our 2009 year end awards. Later in the week, we’ll give out awards in MMA and pro boxing.

Pro Wrestling

Wrestler Of The Year
Big D – Christopher Daniels

Consistent tremendous matches and great promos in a company which is usually ridiculous and proving that he belongs in the main event by having two match of the year candidates back to back makes Chris Daniels my pick for the Wrestler of 2009.

Alan – KENTA

Fairly simple reasoning. No other wrestler has entertained me as much as this man did before he got injured in October. An absolutely stunning year from not only my Wrestler Of The Year, but my Wrestler Of The Decade.

Duan – Chris Jericho

It was a blessing having Jericho on both shows for the last several months, and his series of matches with Mysterio earlier in the year was my favourite thing in WWE.

GG – Chris Jericho

He didn’t need any world title to be significant, was the most entertaining wrestler in the company so they stuck him on two shows, and single-handedly made the tag belts meaningful again.

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Video Vault – Misawa’s Road to Glory

At long last we conclude Misawa Week here on FightGameBlog. Today we present one of the biggest matches in Japanese Puro history. This match is regarded as one of Misawa’s finest moments.

On May 2nd, 1999, All Japan Pro Wrestling ran the world famous Tokyo Dome in a tribute to the founder of the company and it’s primary mentor – Shohei “Giant” Baba, who passed away earlier in the year. A sell-out crowd of 55,000 fans witnessed history in the making. In the highly anticipated main event, the most feared gaijin, perhaps of all time, Super Vader, would defend his AJPW Triple Crown Title. Vader was a feared monster in Japan and the fans had seen him throughout the years lay waste to their grandest heroes. In his debut, Vader annihilated Antonio Inoki in seconds, something that had never been done. Then in the mid 90s, Vader defeated Nobuhiko Takada to win the UWFI’s “Original Pro Wrestling World Title”. Vader was unbeatable. On this day, he faced Mitsuharu Misawa, the other hero. Misawa was competing for his unprecedented FIFTH AJPW Triple Crown Championship. Could Misawa fight for his fallen mentor, vanquish the beast, and bring the AJPW Triple Crown back into Japanese hands?

Video Vault – More Misawa Masterpieces

Misawa Week continues here on FightGameBlog.

Today we present an awesome match from June 9th, 1995 in Budokan Hall. This is a tag team match for the AJPW All Asian Tag Team Titles as Mitsuharu Misawa and Kenta Kobashi defend against Akira Taue and Toshiaki Kawada. What I loved about this AJPW booking was how things would twist around quickly, and it always made sense. Misawa and Kawada were tag partners for most of 94, feuding with the old regime. Kawada and Taue were feuding since Taue was Baba’s storyline trainee and Kawada and Misawa were school friends. Soon after Misawa got successful, Kawada wanted a piece. So he joined up with his enemy to face Misawa and Kobashi. It wasn’t like a typical WWE “turn” where one guy went from being a good guy to a bad guy and did dastardly things – he just wanted gold and to get out of Misawa’s shadow. Thus, this match happened. This was 40 minutes of orgasmic work.

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