UFC 126 Undercard – SpikeTV Fights And Kid Yamamoto

We’re covering the Facebook streaming fight Demetrious Johnson and Kid Yamamoto and then we’ll follow up with the SpikeTV fights where Donald Cerrone and Chad Mendez will try and bring some WEC magic to the UFC.

1. Demetrious Johnson vs. Kid Yamamoto

Johnson won the round using his wrestling and just out-quicking Yamamoto. Yamamoto seemed comfortable early on, keeping his distance and throwing strikes, but Johnson countered with a takedown. It was like a counter punch, except with a takedown. He also landed a knee out of the clinch and a good right hand.

Yamamoto looks out of sorts because of Johnson’s speed. Johnson isn’t hurting him at all, but he’s out-pointing him for sure. Kid’s trying to set up his left hand, but can’t even get it off. Wrestling haters won’t like this fight.

I wouldn’t say this was a good fight, but it was a bit surprising. You’d figure that Johnson would be quick, but that Yamamoto would have better timing. He caught Yamamoto with a left hook that seemed to slightly buzz Kid late in the round. Kid just looked super frustrated.

Winner: Demetrious Johnson by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 29-28, 30-27, and 30-27. I’m not sure which round Kid could’ve won.

2. Michihiro Omigawa vs. Chad Mendes

Mendes is heavily muscled. He was throwing tremendous hooks and didn’t land one of them. He landed a couple of nice leg kicks and did land a right hand. He also scored a takedown. Omigawa had Mendes’ arm, but lost it. It was a pretty close round and I’d probably give it to Mendes slightly.
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Dynamite!! 2009 Line Up Announced

DREAM and K1 will once again join forces for the big Dynamite New Years Eve show in Saitama, Japan.

This year the card will also include fighters from Japan’s other leading MMA promotion Sengoku, as they compete in a number of DREAM VS. Sengoku themed matches.

As in previous years, the event will feature a mix of both Kick Boxing and MMA bouts.

It’s scheduled to be broadcast on HDNet.

Here’s the card:

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