UFC Fight Night Live Coverage – Jacare Vs Mousasi

Jacare Vs Mousasi

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The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale – Martin Kampmann Vs. Jake Ellenberger Play By Play

We’ve been covering the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter all season long. Early on, if you said the finale would be between Al Iaquinta and Justin Lawrence, I’d have agreed with you. But something happened on the way to the finals. Michael Chiesa defeated Lawrence who gassed badly in the quarterfinals.

The main event promises to be a great fight as Martin Kampmann faces Jake Ellenberger. Ellenberger deserves a title fight while Kampmann is always in the mix. It should be a great fight.

1. John Cofer vs. Justin Lawrence

Really strong first round. Cofer surprised Lawrence early on, but Lawrence was slowly starting to land many shots including a short left hook that was fierce. Cofer’s trying to strike so that he can get inside, but whenever he does, he takes punishment.

Lawrence was ahead for nearly the entire round until he got a little cocky and threw a spinning back kick and Cofer got his back and took him down into a sitting position. He got his hooks in and worked the rear naked choke, but was too high on Lawrence’s back. The round ended with Lawrence out of harms way and punching from the top position.

Good night, Irene. Lawrence threw a right high kick that landed on Cofer’s chin and it was lights out.

Winner: Justin Lawrence by way of 3rd round TKO

2. Pat Schilling vs. Max Holloway
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The Ultimate Fighter Live Episode 12: Vick/Chiesa And Pichel/Iaquinta

The show starts at the Harley Davidson store that I was at in Las Vegas a few years ago to witness the Bryan Alvarez vs. Peach Machine Grappling Battle.

I guess it’s a way to get a main sponsor on TV, but it wasn’t compelling TV at all.

Chris Tickle tried to mess with Cruickshank and lobbed a water bottle at him while he was sleeping and hit him in the balls. Cruickshank jumped up and kicked him, but Tickle laughed it off.

Dana says that everyone is fighting on the finale except for Andy Ogle and Mike Rio because of injuries. Ogle ran after Dana White to ask him if he can fight in England in September. Dana said he’d make it happen.

They played up that Chiesa wasn’t training well and things were getting him down.

James Vick Vs. Michael Chiesa

Vick looks more ready for the fight. He’s more aggressive and more confident. He got Chiesa down and the length is giving Chiesa fits. He knocked him down and had him in a guillotine before the round ended. Clearly Vick’s round.

In a crazy turn of events, Chiesa took him down and Vick held his neck. Chiesa quickly got the mount and punched him out. None of the shots really looked all that bad, but Vick didn’t look too good. Referee stopped it.

Winner: Michael Chiesa by way of 2nd round TKO

Vick was pissed.

Vinc Pichel vs. Al Iaquinta

Both guys came out throwing. Faber had to tell Iaquinta to relax. Iaquinta got caught in the nose and it started bleeding. Iaquinta had control on the ground twice and was a little sharper with his punches. Good first round.

The second round was nearly all striking until the last minute where Iaquinta went for the takedown, probably thinking it was his round and a takedown would synch it. Pachel’s face was a bloody mess after the round after Iaquinta was just landing counter shot after counter shot. Another good round. Iaquinta probably takes it.

Winner: Al Iaquinta by way of unanimous decision

It’s Iaquinta vs. Chiesa in the final.

The Ultimate Fighter Live Episode 10: Lawrence Vs. Chiesa and Vick Vs. Proctor

Dana White showed up at the training facility and told both teams to meet at the bleachers. Dana says that Cruz blew his knee out and tore his ACL. White says Cruz will be out 9 months. He tells Faber that he’ll have a fight for him scheduled for next week. It sounds like it may be Michael McDonald.

Dana says Cruz will stay and coach his team. Cruz says he hopes Faber wins so he can whip him when he’s better. Faber says that he’s starting the rumor that Ronda Rousey tore Cruz’s knee.

James Vick vs. Joe Proctor

Vick is so long and he’s able to hit Proctor in the face all while not being hit. He bloodied Proctor’s face early on, but he also has a bloody nose. So he got hit as well.

Proctor got a takedown, but Vick quickly got up. Proctor tried a choke, but Vick was able to get him down and landed on top of him. Vick’s using his kicks to keep the distance, but Proctor has been able to decrease the distance better in this round.

Winner: James Vick by unanimous decision

I think I would’ve given Proctor the second round for sure and thought there should’ve been a third round.

Justin Lawrence vs. Michael Chiesa
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