2010 WWE Night of Champions Preview

WWE’s fourth “Night of Champions” Pay Per View drops tonight, with five, possibly six, titles on the line.

Last year, four titles changed hands, but this year may be the actual night FOR the champions, as most of the titles may be defended successfully. As in might. As in… well, probably not really. This is the WWE, where every year guys win or lose the title 3-4 times, making Ric Flair’s 16 championship reigns mean nothing.

The buildup for the championship matches on Raw and Smackdown have gone pretty well, especially the World Heavyweight championship match between Kane and Undertaker.

Let’s do a rundown of each match, starting with the lesser titles and working our way up:

1. WWE Tag Team Championship
Champions The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd) vs TBA (presumably Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre) — Rhodes and McIntyre defeated the Harts on Smackdown, which should give them a title shot at the PPV. McIntyre and Rhodes won cleanly, which is no surprise due to how the WWE is treating the tag team belts.

WHO SHOULD WIN: After having the titles defended by a duo of high tiered singles wrestlers (Miz/Big Show, Jericho/Big Show, Edge/Jericho) the WWE believes the fans would actually care about, McIntyre and Rhodes have a good chance at winning. But if they do win, would that mean only the Harts would be chasing the belts? Or will the team of John Morrison and R-Truth chase after the titles? I’m assuming the latter so Morrison can get a proper heel turn. Right?

WHO WILL WIN: McIntyre and Rhodes. Unless the WWE wants the tag team division to continue to swirl into obscurity, something needs to happen in which the Harts begin some infighting (which would be bad for the tag team division, meaning the WWE will do it eventually). The Harts will probably lose the match due to a mistake between Smith and Kidd.

2. Intercontinental Championship
Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston — Kofi had a promo on Smackdown that was so badly scripted that I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Needless to say, since Dolph has Vicki Guerrero in his corner, he will lose the title if he loses by DQ or is counted out.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Dolph Ziggler, to keep his status quo up, and continue the storyline between himself, Vicki and NXT contestant Kaitlyn. They need to continue to make Dolph important, and give him more time to cut promos and get wins over bigger stars. Kofi is stuck in the funnel of obscurity (like the Tag Team Titles) and unless he’s given time to cut his own promos (like he did once upon a time against Randy Orton) and also improves his in-ring work, he’ll never get a higher position than IC or US champion.

WHO WILL WIN: Kofi Kingston, probably due to outside interference, pushing forward the Dolph/Vicki/Kaitlyn storyline a little too quickly.

3. The Big Show vs. CM Punk — In a feud that isn’t helping either man, hopefully this will be the match that ends it.
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WWE RAW 900th Episode – Cena/Sheamus/Edge/Jericho/Orton Vs. Nexus

I haven’t logged a WWE non-PPV in a while and since I’m more interested in this “special” Raw mostly because I expect there to be a lot of history, I figured I might as well pull out the old timely recap.

It should also only take them about 25 months to get to the 1000th episode.

6:03PM – Bret is back! Wait, I thought the General Manager never wanted Bret on WWE TV again?

6:06PM – Hart says that he and the Undertaker were the only two guys who were on the first Raw and who are still with the company. Kane’s music plays and he walks out. Talk about a bait and switch.

6:09PM – Kane brings up Shawn MIchaels and how Bret must’ve loved watching the Undertaker retire him. Jeez, the writers must hate us tonight. Isn’t is supposed to be a celebration?

6:12PM – Kane attacks Bret, the Hart Dynasty come in, and the Undertaker appears and sends Kane walking away. My iPod Touch notification sounds, I mean, the GM e-mails Michael Cole and says that Bret Hart will face Taker. Sigh.

6:13PM – They only thing I remember about the very first raw is Bobby Heenan trying to get inside the building.

6:18PM – Dream nerd tag match – Kaval and Daniel Bryan vs. Michael McGillicuddy and Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz and Alex Riley. Ok, maybe only a dream nerd tag team.

6:22PM – Miz had to skull crush poor Kaval for the finale. Then he had to clip Bryan with his briefcase. I wonder if this was their way of trying to get people to vote for Alex Riley for tomorrow’s NXT season finale?

6:31PM – Melina pinned Layla in a tag match with Melina and Eve vs. LayCool. Eve didn’t even get in the match. Maybe they’re running low on time. LayCool challenged Melina to a title unification match. I’m guessing this is at Night Of Champions. I say they keep the Diva belt over the women’s title. Melina accepted as long as it’s a Lumberjack match. King or Cole made sure to use the term Lumberjills. Melina must’ve messed up.

6:40PM – So far, out of four of the historic packages they’ve shown, two have been from the last two years. What an utter fail. No one wants to see that stuff. We want to see Austin, Rock, Foley, and HBK. Well, it’s better than the HHH hype that I expect to be coming shortly.
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Guest Post – Don Cameron On SummerSlam

Don Cameron may start writing here at FGB and he sent me some feedback on last night’s SummerSlam, which pretty much mirrors mine. You may be seeing more of Don around here.

Thumbs in the middle, leaning down

Best match — What 95% of everybody else is going to say: Team Raw… er, I mean Team WWE vs. Team Nexus.

Worst match — From what I saw, none really.

I missed the first two matches — Ziggler/Kofi and Melina/Fox, but I was really looking forward to the Ziggler/Kofi match. Yeah, that was me. After showing some fire lately, two things may have happened with Kofi. Either he was going to lose it and start pounding his opponent (face or heel) to the point where the crowd would turn on him, or he would do something extraordinary, like leaping off a balcony or jumbotron in order to exact some kind of revenge for a huge pop. We got neither.

Wrestlemania is there to end feuds. Summerslam is to end the monthly feuds that have started since Wrestlemania, and set up new feuds for Survivor Series, or whatever the next big PPV is going to be.

This show, starting with the recap I read of this match, didn’t do that. They didn’t have a blow-away match, but at least they put the high-flying Kofi in the opener to get the crowd pumped for the rest of the show.

I’m still trying to figure out how Melina got a title shot this quickly… did I miss something?

Big Show vs. MEM… erm, I mean SES, was what it was supposed to be. End a feud and start another. Natch.

The Miz promo spoke for itself. The folks I was watching it with didn’t want him to give a yea or nay to joining Team WWE, but it all worked out in the end. This guy is the best crowd promo since The Rock.
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2010 SummerSlam – The Nexus Vs. Team Raw (Daniel Bryan Returns)

This is WWE’s most important PPV since WrestleMania. The Nexus angle has been one of the better things in WWE in a while and it feels kind of edgy. Since when has WWE felt edgy?

Along with Nexus, The Miz is over like hot cakes, Sheamus has done a great job as champion, and even Randy Orton seems like he has a little fire in his belly. Many people can be made tonight. We’ll see what WWE thinks is hot after this show is over. Let’s only hope they can continue to give the newer guys the rub. It’s sorely needed.

1. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

Vicki is all dolled up tonight.

Hmmm. The match was ok, with both guys doing their normal spots. Nothing special, but nothing was wrong either. Kofi missed the Trouble In Paradise and Dolph locked in the sleeper hold. Then the Nexus came in and jumped both guys. Dolph was dumped out on the floor and Kofi was jumped Nexus style. Darren Young hit his full nelson-like slam and then Wade Barrett hit his fireman’s carry slam.

Winner: Who knows?

I think it was fine to do it this time, and it did give them heat. But if they do it continuously throughout the show, it could get old quickly.

Jericho and Edge tried to get Miz to join the team. Jericho promised him it’d be bigger than both Avatar and the Titanic.

2. Alicia Fox vs. Melina

They should’ve worked together more before this match. I think they had some good ideas, but the timing was off. There was a delay on the Matrix move that Melina stole from Trish and it stopped the match dead. Then, she hit a one legged drop kick, or maybe it wasn’t supposed to be a one legged drop kick. She beat Fox with a face buster. It wasn’t very competitive.

Winner: Melina

Melina started to cry and Josh Matthews came into the ring to interview her. Michelle McCool and Layla came out to chastise her and she tried to beat them both. Of course, that didn’t work. Alicia tried to get her kicks in on Melina and LayCool beat up Alicia too.

3. The Straight Edge Society vs. The Big Show

Fun match for what it was. They did all the big man and strong man spots. It wasn’t much of a match as it was tornado style, so it was more of a brawl. The best part was early on when Show cleaned house on Joey Mercury and Luke Gallows and then he looked at CM Punk and Punk grabbed the tag rope. Show choke slammed Mercury onto Gallows for the win. Punk ran off.

Winner: The Big Show

Kane and Sheamus had a romantic talk backstage. Not quite Heidenreich and Snitsky, thankfully. They teased something down the line.

The Miz came out and cut a great promo about how all of Team Raw came out and tried to butter him up. His best line was that John Cena told him that he was the only one who could see him. He said he would join Team WWE and he will lead them to victory. It was fantastic stuff. He’s got “it”.

4. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton
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2009 WWE Survivor Series – John Cena Vs. Triple H Vs. Shawn Michaels Play By Play

I remember being jazzed about the Survivor Series as a kid because after the turkey and gravy, there was something else to look forward to. You got to see some wrestling. Because the Survivor Series was on Thanksgiving and because they were tag team elimination matches, the show always had a special appeal. They weren’t always the best shows, but you always looked forward to it because what else were you going to do after eating turkey than fall asleep?

Well, that was a long time ago. But for some reason, this show still intrigues me. I always end up buying it no matter what. This year’s show has two stale matches on top, but there are still some interesting questions to be answered. Will Kofi Kingston push continue on this PPV? In the showcase of the youngsters, who survives in the match between Team Miz and Team Morrison? And how badly does Big Dave beat up poor Rey tonight? Well, we don’t have to wait much longer.

I will say this now just in case it happens, but if Shawn Michaels wins the title tonight, I think it’d be a nice capper, though they will never let him keep it longer than a month.

1. Team Miz (The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, and Sheamus) vs. Team Morrison (Evan Bourne, Finlay, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, and John Morrison)

I guess I haven’t kept up with my ECW. Shelton is a good guy?

Matt Hardy and Evan Bourne did a double team elbow drop. Now that I think of it, that might be a pretty good tag team.

Dolph Ziggler is the first one out after being hit by Bourne’s “Air Bourne”. I guess the bloom is off the rose for him. Then Bourne walked into a big boot and double underhook DDT from McIntyre and he’s eliminated. We’re down to 4-4.

Sheamus in with Finlay which is the whitest match possible in WWE history. Sheamus big booted Finlay and he’s done.

The Miz and Hardy are in together and there’s just too much purple going on in the ring. And what’s up with Matt Hardy’s hairline?

Morrison hit the Starship Pain on Swagger for the pin. Now it’s 3-3 again.

After some help from Sheamus, The Miz hit Benjamin with the Skullcrushing Finale for the pin. Can’t we just call it the Stroke? It’s 3-2 in favor of Team Miz.

McIntyre hit the DDT on Hardy so it’s 3-1 Team Miz with Morrison left. This should be fun.

McIntyre’s hair is ridiculous. He looks part women’s bodybuilder part WNBA player.

Wow. Sheamus was the one to get the pin on Morrison. He hit him with the Razor’s Edge to win it. I loved the booking with this one, but I would’ve had McIntyre pin Morrison just because they’re on the same brand and could feud.

The Miz, Drew McIntyre, and Sheamus are the sole survivors.

Winner: Team Miz

They did a promo with Team Kofi simply to point out that Christian is the only white man on the team. It was funny and I laughed, but Christian is the ECW champ right?

2. Rey Mysterio vs. Batista
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WWE 2009 Bragging Rights – Raw Vs. Smackdown Play By Play

It’s the inaugural WWE Bragging Rights PPV and while there have been some cold shows before, I’m not sure there’s been one this cold going in all year long. I have to figure out something else to do while watching John Cena and Randy Orton go sixty minutes. Maybe I’ll fold laundry.

They just showed a trophy that the brand winner will take home. They just said that whichever brand wins 2 out of the 3 interbrand matches wins the trophy which is a cup.

1. The Miz Vs. John Morrison

The announcers are now crediting the Miz’s new meaner character to him jobbing to John Cena.

Wow, the Miz actually won the match. It was a nice opener, but nothing to necessarily write home about. They didn’t tease nearly enough to create any kind of drama. Morrison went for the Starship Pain and Miz pushed his feet out from under him. For some reason, falling off the top rope was enough to beat Morrison. Odd finish.

Winner: The Miz

Looks like the Smackdown girls are winning to settle the score.

2. Smackdown Divas vs. Raw Divas
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