Thoughts On Berto/Guerrero

Via Bleacher Report

I was with my kid at the Warriors/Timberwolves game last night so I didn’t get to see the Robert Guerrero vs. Andre Berto HBO fight. Being that I live in Gilroy, CA and Robert Guerrero is the pride of Gilroy, I’ve followed his career quite closely.

I expected him to beat Andre Berto as long as he could stand up to his power, and really, that was the main question. In his first fight at welterweight, I thought Guerrero was hit too much even though he was clearly winning the fight against Selcuk Aydin. Being that he went from lightweight straight to welterweight, I was worried about his ability to take a shot from someone as strong and fast as Berto. Well, he took them and gave them.

In the first two rounds, Guerrero put Berto down, surprisingly. Berto immediately tried to impose his will on Guerrero, holding and hitting, including in the back of the head. Rather than be bullied, Guerrero turned into the bully and used Berto’s style against him. The first knockdown was in part because Guerrero was holding him with his right hand and hitting him with his left. The second knockout seemed more to do with Berto’s eye being damaged after Guerrero’s thumb looked to graze him, but again, Guerrero did have a hold on him.
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