Top Five – Conor McGregor Is The Star Of The UFC’s Go Big Presser

Conor McGregor is the star

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What were the top stories last week?

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Miguel Cotto And Kelly Pavlik Are Victorious

I didn’t buy the show tonight as I was watching UFC, but as expected, both Miguel Cotto and Kelly Pavlik won their fights tonight.

According to ESPN’s Dan Rafael, Cotto was just too strong for Michael Jennings.

But Cotto was all over him again in the fifth round and finally put him down again. And again, Hughes motioned him to stay down. The 31-year-old with a big heart got up though. However, referee Benji Esteves had seen enough and called it off at 2:36.

The AP (via ESPN) reported that the hometown Pavlik made the fans happy in his 9th round stoppage of Marco Antonio Rubio.

The pride of Youngstown outclassed and outpunched Rubio almost the entire fight, hurting the Mexican challenger in the eighth round and battering him throughout the ninth, after which Rubio’s corner decided he couldn’t continue.

Here are Duan’s thoughts:

The Pavlik beat down was pretty convincing. He showed no ill effects or confidence issues from the Hopkins defeat. He pretty much just pummeled Rubio right from the opening bell.
Rubio realised he was hopelessly outgunned very early, and was really just surviving for most of the fight. He showed a lot of bravery to last as long as he did because Pavlik was just smashing him up. After a few rounds, you could see that he was already beaten, and the corner probably should have pulled him out a round or so earlier than did. Well, actually he ended up pulling himself out saying that he didn’t want anymore.

Duan was also able to see John Duddy’s win over Matt Vanda.

Duddy completely outboxed Vanda and was on his way to a shut out but got caught with some big shots in the last round and wobbled. It was the most disciplined he’s ever fought, which is something his camp has been really working on. In the past he’s had a tendency to get tied up in wild brawls, and makes things far harder than the need to be for himself.

And here are his thoughts on Matt Korobov’s win over Cory Jones:

The former amateur star Korobov put on a very workman like performance that lacked any real flair for 4 rounds. He seemed disinterested or just unwilling to put on a show, but then with only a few seconds left in the fight he threw a picture perfect knock out punch that just completely turned out his opponents lights. Up until that moment, I felt that he wasn’t ready for this type of exposure yet, but the finish was as good as you will see anywhere. Perhaps he was just looking to get a few rounds under his belt, after scoring 2 quick KO’s in his last 2 bouts. He definitely has the credentials and Top rank are very eager to make him a star so we will just have to wait and see how he progresses.