Strikeforce – Paul Daley Vs. Nick Diaz

This is the second Strikeforce show under the Zuffa banner, but the first main show. Dana White is there as you can tell by the photo with he, Lorenzo, and Scott Coker. This would’ve been pretty unreal just a few months ago.

Looks like we’re starting with Lyle Beerbohm vs. Shinya Aoki.

1. Lyle Beerbohm vs. Shinya Aoki

Aoki got an early takedown and immediately got his back and sunk in a rear naked choke. He was also cranking his neck at the same time.

Winner: Shinya Aoki by way of 1st round submission

2. Keith Jardine vs. Gegard Mousasi

Jardine looked good early on as he was keeping pressure on Mousasi and even scored a takedown. Mousasi started to get inside and was getting the better of the exchanges. Jardine looked in trouble, but scored a takedown. Mousasi had an illegal upkick as Jardine wasn’t upright. A point was taken away from Mousasi. Even with the two takedowns, I’d have to give the round to Mousasi because his striking did damage to Jardine. Jardine looks like he’s going to go down at some point. Because of the point deduction, I’d score it 9-9.
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