Top Five – Cro Cop Avenges Another Loss

Cro Cop avenges

There weren’t any terribly big shows this week, but there was still some good stuff for the Top Five.

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Top Five – Roman Reigns Is Going To WrestleMania

Roman Reigns is going to WrestleMania

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HBO Boxing – Lamont Peterson Vs. Amir Khan Play By Play

This show is in Washington DC and is titled Capital Showdown. Peterson is the hometown fighter.

On the fight right before this main event, Seth Mitchell defeated Timur Ibragimov by TKO at 2:48 of round 2.

Lamont Peterson vs. Amir Khan

Amazing round for Khan. He knocked Peterson down with a left hook (I think as it was a weird camera angle), but the referee called it a slip, mostly because he fell down and didn’t see it. It looked like a knock down. Then Khan knocked him down again with a right hand. Khan is loading up on his left hook and landing it at will. 10-8 Khan (should be 10-7)

(They nearly had a Mayweather/Ortiz moment as the referee called for them to fight out of the clinch and Peterson thought they were going to be separated. Khan hit him and then had his elbow high on Peterson’s neck while pushing him backward.)

If you’re a Khan fan, the only thing you have to worry about is Khan overthrowing his punches and falling out of balance. It doesn’t seem that Peterson can hurt him. Khan’s round, easily.

Damn, Peterson is right back in this thing. He shook Khan with some body shots. Khan started the round boxing, but couldn’t help himself and got into a slugfest. Peterson wins the round, but both guys were slugging it out. Great round.

Khan was back, but he looks tired. Peterson is stalking him, but Khan’s hands are fast. At one point, Khan put his hands up as if to say that he wasn’t hurt, and took a punch right to the balls.

Another good round for Khan. Peterson is tired and now, Khan’s hand speed is the difference. Peterson may have taken that round off after such a fast pace.

Khan keeps taunting Peterson as if he’s not hurting him, but looking at his face, he’s getting hit more than he thinks. He’s also fighting a bit dirty with the holding behind the head and pushing that he’s doing. He’s still leading the fight, but Peterson is game.

Well, this fight just got a bit closer. Peterson is getting in close and just digging Khan. Khan keeps pushing him off with his forearms and elbows. He’s on his horse racing back to get out of Peterson’s way. He was docked a point for the pushing so it’s a 10-8 for Peterson.
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HBO Boxing – Marcos Maidana Vs. Amir Khan

I was in Las Vegas this weekend and the talk of the town was UFC 124 rather than this fight, which was actually held in Las Vegas. To be fair, the UFC show would be equivalent to if boxing held a big PPV fight with Manny Pacquiao. But I was pretty amazed that I didn’t hear one thing about the fight all weekend long and was able to stay away from spoilers since I didn’t see this live.

Victor Ortiz fought Lamont Peterson in a fight that was disappointing for Ortiz. Ortiz was the much bigger fighter of the two and hit twice as hard, but for whatever reason, didn’t feel comfortable boxing him and was lunging for big shots. But he did knock him down twice in the third round, which makes the decision of a majority draw a little bit of a head scratcher. I didn’t score the fight, but it seemed like Ortiz did enough to win it.

Peterson was much more slick and landed some big shots, but never once did he really hurt Ortiz. But if there’s any blame, it has to go to Ortiz who took a few rounds off in the middle for whatever reason. Had he pressed on after the third round, he could’ve stopped Peterson, but he didn’t. This is a step backwards for Ortiz.

Marcos Maidana vs. Amir Khan

Maidana is looking to land his right hand and he landed it early, but Khan was able to land multiple shots in succession several times. He then dropped Maidana with a body shot. 10-8 for Khan easily.

Khan was able to continue where he left off in round one. He landed at will. His straight right hand is vicious.

Maidana kept the pressure on and started to land his right hand. Khan got on his horse, though he was still able to find the target with his right hand. Maidana won the beginning and end of the round while Khan won the middle. Close round.

Interestingly, Maidana’s strategy of throwing huge and lunging punches is decently successful. Khan must be feeling some of the power because the shots stop him in his tracks a bit. But Khan’s accuracy is still top notch. He’s out-landing him 3-1 probably.
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